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Final Term Requirements

  • Apply to graduate in one.uf by deadline.
  • Letter of transmittal: Once your dissertation is approved by your advisor, please have the professor email Pam Marlin (pmarlin@ufl.edu) their approval and the letter of transmittal will be entered in the system. The letter of transmittal has to be processed before first submission of  dissertation to the editorial office.
  • Make first submission deadline. Even if you are unable to graduate in the preferred semester, this allows you to “clear prior.”
  • Reserve a room for the exam in 2205, 2260 or 2165 NPB by contacting the main office.
  • Send the title, date, location and time of your defense a week in advance to Pam Marlin so the paperwork can be prepared and an announcement made.
  • It is your responsibility to monitor all graduate school and editorial office final semester deadlines, there are no exceptions if a deadline is missed. Editorial Calendar
  • Return office and building keys.
  • Update your contact information in my.ufl.edu. This will be the address the registrar will send the final diploma to.