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Gary Ihas

Gary IhasProfessor Emeritus

PhD University of Michigan (1971)

Research Group

Condensed Matter Experiment/Turbulence/National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Research Interest

Research interests include Quantum Turbulence and Nano-Sensor technology Development. These are funded by the US National Science Foundation Materials World Network. In Quantum Turbulence (seemingly an oxymoron), we wish to generate isotropic homogeneous turbulence in liquid helium at .01 K above absolute zero, and measure the mechanisms by which turbulent energy dissipates even though there is no viscosity (as in a normal fluid). This is done at 10 mK using a grid pulled by a superconducting actuator and micro-thermistors and MEMS pressure transducers which we are also developing. We are also attempting to be the first to visualize pure quantum turbulence using helium molecules as tracer particles and laser fluorescence as the detector.

Selected Publications

Yu. P. Filippov, G. G. Ihas, and V. V. Vainberg, “Magnetoresistance of TVO temperature sensor at T<1 K “, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 80, 094902 (2009).

K.J. Thompsons, S-c. Lius, G. Labbe, and G.G. Ihas, “Use of calorimetry to study the energy decay of quantum turbulence”, Journal of Physics 150, 032111 (2009).

G. G. Ihas, G. Labbe, S. C. Liu, and K. J. Thompson, “Preliminary Measurements on Grid Turbulence in Liquid 4He”, Journal of Low Temperature Physics 150, 384-393 (2008).

V. F. Mitin, V. K. Dugaev, and G. G. Ihas, “Large negative magnetoresistance in Ge films at ultralow temperatures and low magnetic fields”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 202107 (2007).

Joseph Niemela and G.G. Ihas, ” In-situ Variable Small Gap for Measurement of Finite-size Scaling Near the Lambda Transition”, Journal of Low Temperature Physics 146, 499-510 (2007).

“Sub-millimeter Size Sensors for Measurements in Cryogenic Turbulence”, Yihui Zhou*, Vadim F. Mitin, Shu-chen Liu, Isaac Luria, Mario Padron, Ridvan Adjimambetov, and Gary G. Ihas, A.I.P. Conference Proceedings 850, 1631 (2006).

“Wide-range Reynolds number pipe flow measurements using liquid helium and various gasses”, C. J. Swanson, B. Julian, G. G. Ihas, and R. J. Donnelly, J. Fluid Mech. 461 ,51-60 (2002).

Personal Page

Office: 2352 NPB

Lab: 124 NPB