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Guido Mueller

Guido Mueller


PhD Hanover, Germany (1997)

Research Group

Institute for High Energy Physics IHEPA

Research Interest

Terrestrial and space based gravitational wave observatories (LIGO, LISA) and detectors for axions and axion-like particles. Dr. Mueller is a member of the UF-LIGO group and works on research and development for terrestrial gravitational wave detectors. His responsibilities include the input optics of LIGO and Advanced LIGO and advanced interferometer designs. He is also working on the interferometry for LISA, a space-based gravitational wave observatory which will be launched as ESA’s L3 mission. Dr. Mueller was and continuous to be a member of several working groups, analysis, interest and advisory teams for NASA. Dr. Mueller also started to work on detection schemes for axions and axion-like particles and is a member of the ALPS collaboration.

Selected Publications:

Publications listed in Curriculum Vitae

Office: 2370 NPB

Lab: 1021 NPB