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Hendrik Monkhorst

Hendrik MonkhorstProfessor Emeritus, Chemistry & Physics

PhD University of Groningen, the Netherlands (1968)

Research Group

Quantum Theory Project (Chemical Physics)

Research Interest

Research interests include: Development and commercialization of the Colliding Beam Fusion Reactor (CBFR), using hydrogen and boron-11 as fuel, in collaboration with a plasma fusion team at the University of California, Irvine, and with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. The advantages over other approaches to fusion power are: practically no radioactivity, compact and easily maintainable engineering, and scalability to various power levels. Cylindrical geometry makes construction of various components (reaction chamber, magnets, direct energy converters) relatively easy.

Other research activities are: conducting polymers, non-adiabatic (beyond Born-Oppenheimer) molecular physics, many-electron correlation problem.

Selected Publications

Rostoker N, Binderbauer M, and Monkhorst HJ. “Colliding Beam Fusion Reactor,” Science, 278, 1419 (1997).

Jonsell S and Monkhorst HJ. “Effect from Changes in the Final State Spectrum on the Neutrino Mass Determination from T2 Beta Decay Experiments,” Phys. Rev. Letters 76, 4476 (1996).

Monkhorst HJ. “Chemical Physics without the Born-Oppenheimer Approximation: the Molecular Coupled-Cluster method,” Phys.Rev. A36, 1544 (1987).

Wenzel K, Szalewicz K, Zabolitzky JG, Jeziorski B, and Monkhorst HJ. “Atomic and Molecular Correlation Energies with Explicitly Correlated Gaussian Geminals. V. Cartesian Gaussian Geminals and the Neon Atom,” J. Chem. Phys. 85, 3964 (1986).

Monkhorst HJ and Pack JD. “On Special Points for Brillouin Zone Integrations,” Phys. Rev. B13, 5188 (1976).

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