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Jeff Andrews


Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Columbia University (2016)

Office: 2164 NPB

Research Group

Theoretical Astrophysics

Research Interest

Binary populations, stellar interactions, dynamics of stellar systems, formation of neutron star and black hole binaries, astrometric data.

Selected Publications

The Formation of Merging Black Holes with Masses Beyond 30 M? at Solar Metallicity. Simone Bavera, Tassos Fragos, Manos Zapartas, Jeff Andrews, Vicky Kalogera, Christopher Berry, Matthias Kruckow, Aaron Dotter, Konstantinos Kovlakas, Devina Misra, Kyle Rocha, Philipp Srivastava, Meng Sun, Zepei Xing, NatAs, 7, 1090 (2023)

Weighing the Darkness III. How Gaia Could, but Probably Will Not, Detect Free-Floating Black Holes. Jeff Andrews, ApJ, 944, 146 (2023)

Weighing the Darkness II. Astrometric Measurement of Partial Orbits with Gaia. Jeff Andrews, Katelyn Breivik, Chirag Chawla, Carl Rodriguez, Sourav Chatterjee, ApJ, 946, 2 (2023)

The Hydrodynamic Evolution of Binary Black Holes Embedded within the Vertically Stratified Disks of Active Galactic Nuclei. Nicholas Katz, Sophie Schrøder, Jeff Andrews, Andrea Antoni, Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, ApJ, 944, 44 (2023)

A Young, Low-density Stellar Stream in the Milky Way Disk: Theia 456. Jeff Andrews, Jason Curtis, Julio Chanamé, Marcel Agüeros, Simon Schuler, Marina Kounkel, Kevin Covey, AJ, 163, 275 (2022)

Targeted Modeling of GW150914’s Binary Black Hole Source with dart_board. Jeff Andrews, Julianne Cronin, Vicky Kalogera, Christopher Berry, Andreas Zezas, ApJ, 914, 32 (2021)

The Complete Evolution of a Neutron-Star Binary through a Common Envelope Phase Using 1D Hydrodynamic Simulations. Tassos Fragos, Jeff Andrews, Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, Georges Meynet, Vicky Kalogera, Ron Taam, Andreas Zezas, ApJL, 883, 45 (2019)

Weighing the Darkness: Astrometric Mass Measurement of Hidden Stellar Companions Using Gaia. Jeff Andrews, Katelyn Breivik, Sourav Chatterjee, ApJ, 886, 68 (2019)

Double Neutron Star Formation: Merger Times, Systemic Velocities, and Travel Distances. Jeff Andrews, Andreas Zezas, MNRAS, 486, 3213 (2019)

Double Neutron Star Populations and Formation Channels. Jeff Andrews, Ilya Mandel, ApJL, 880, 8 (2019)

dart_board: Binary Population Synthesis with Markov Chain Monte Carlo. Jeff Andrews, Andreas Zezas, Tassos Fragos, ApJS, 237, 1 (2018)

Wide Binaries in Tycho-Gaia: Search Method and the Distribution of Orbital Separations. Jeff Andrews, Julio Chanamé, Marcel Agüeros, MNRAS, 472, 675 (2017)

Constraints on the Initial-Final Mass Relation from Wide Double White Dwarfs. Jeff Andrews, Marcel Agüeros, Alex Gianninas, Mukremin Kilic, Saurav Dhital, Scott Anderson, ApJ, 815, 63 (2015)