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Kathryn McGill



Ph.D. Cornell University (2018)

Office: 2112 NPB


Currently I teach both in-person and online algebra-based mechanics, mainly serving the pre-health student population. I also run the UF Physics TA Training program.


I am currently serving as a Physics Undergraduate Advisor. (Please contact advising@phys.ufl.edu with any advising questions.)


I oversee the outreach project UF PhysTube, a collaboration of students, faculty, and staff to make online videos about any- and everything related to physics. (www.youtube.com/ufphysics)

Selected Publications

N. Quinn, M. M. Kelley, K. L. McGill, E. M. Smith, Z. Whipps, N. G. Holmes, Group roles in unstructured labs show inequitable gender divide. Phys. Rev. Phys. Educ. Res. 16, 010129 (2020).

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