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Katia Matcheva

Katia MatchevaAssociate Professor

PhD Johns Hopkins University (2000)

Research Group

Astrophysics Theory

Research Interest

Research interests include: physics and chemistry of the atmospheres of Solar system planets, radiative transfer models of the atmosphere, dynamics of the upper atmosphere, atmospheric gravity waves.

Selected Publications

D. Barrow and K. Matcheva, “Modeling the Effect of Atmospheric Gravity Waves on Saturn’s Ionosphere“, submitted to Icarus, 2012.

K. Matcheva and D. Barrow, “Small-Scale Variability in Saturn’s Lower Ionosphere“, accepted for publication in Icarus, 2012.

D. Barrow, K. Matcheva and P. Drossart, “Prospects for observing atmospheric gravity waves in Jupiter’s thermosphere using H3+ emission”, Icarus 219, n. 1, 77-85, 2012.

D. Barrow and K. Matcheva, “Impact of Atmospheric Gravity Waves on the Jovian Ionosphere”, Icarus 211, n. 1, 609-622, 2011.

J. Harrington, R. French, and K. Matcheva,” The 1998 November 14 Occultation of GSC 0622-00345 by Saturn. II. Stratospheric Thermal Profile, Power Spectrum, and Gravity Waves”, The Astrophysical Journal, v. 716, n. 1, 404-416, 2010.

K. Matcheva, B. Conrath, P. Gierasch, F. M. Flasar, “The Cloud Structure of the Jovian Atmosphere as Seen by the Cassini/CIRS Experiment”, Icarus 179, n. 2, 432-448, 2005.

E. Raynaud, K. Matcheva, P. Drossart, F. Roques, and B. Sicardy,“A Re-analysis of the 1971 Beta Scorpii Occultation by Jupiter: Study of Temperature Fluctuations and Detection of Wave Activity, Icarus 168, n. 2, 324-335, 2004.

E. Raynaud, P. Drossart, K. Matcheva, B. Sicardy, W. Hubbard, F. Roques, T. Widemann, G. Gladstone, J. Waite, P. Bastien, R. Doyon, and D. Nadeau, The 1999 HIP 9369 Occultation by the Northern Polar Region of Jupiter: Ingress and Egress Lightcurve Analysis, Icarus 162, n. 2, 344-361, 2003.

K. Matcheva, D. Strobel and M. Flasar, Interaction of Gravity Waves with Ionospheric Plasma: Implications for Jupiter’s Ionosphere, Icarus 152, n. 2, 347-365, 2001.

K. Matcheva and D. Strobel, Heating of Jupiter’s Thermosphere by Dissipation of Gravity Waves Due to Molecular Viscosity and Heat Conduction, Icarus 140, n. 2, 410-423, 1999.

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