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Neil Sullivan

Neil SullivanProfessor

PhD Harvard University (1972)

Research Group

Condensed Matter Experiment/National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Research Interests

Research interests are focused on studies of collective order/disorder processes, quantum diffusion and defect formation in quantum solids and fluids. Current activites include: (1) Studies of order/disorder processes in solid hydrogen, diffusion of vacancies and isotopic impurities in solid H2, solid 3He and 4He. (2) NMR investigations of solids at very high magnetic fields with National High Magetic Field Laboratory and UF Microkelvin Laboratory. (3) Search for axions as candidates of galactic halo dark matter (in collaboration with David Tanner and Pierre Sikivie).

Selected Publications

J. S. Xia, L. Yin, N. S. Sullivan, V. S. Zapf and A. Paduan-Filho; Magneto-electric Effect and Dielectric Susceptibility Measurement Technique at Very Low Temperatures, J. Low Temp. Phys. 187 (5/6), 627–632 (2017).

C. Huan, L. Yin, J-S, Xia, D. Candela, B. P. Cowan, N. S. Sullivan, Phase separation in dilute solutions of He3 in solid He4, Phys. Rev. B95(10), 104107 (2017).

J.V. Sloan et al., Limits on axion–photon coupling or on local axion density: Dependence on models of the Milky Way’s dark halo, Phys. of Dark Universe, 14, 95-102 (2016).

C. Huan, S. S. Kim, D. Candela, and N. S. Sullivan, Quantum Tunneling of 3He in Solid 4He: A New Analysis, J. Low Temp. Phys. 185 (3/4), 354-362 (2016).

N. S. Sullivan, J. A. Hamida, S. Pilla, K. A. Muttalib, E. Genio, Molecular glasses: NMR and dielectric susceptibility measurements, J. Struct. Chem., 57(2), 301–307 (2016).

Yu Ji, J. A. Hamida, Yibing Tang, and N. S. Sullivan, NMR studies of methane and hydrogen in microporous materials, Low Temperature Physics 42, 76-79 (2016).

J. Hoskins, et al., Modulation Sensitive Search for Non-Virialized Dark-Matter Axions, Phys. Rev. D94, 082001 (2016).

N. S. Sullivan, Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of tunneling in quantum solids at very low temperatures, Prog. NMR Spectrosc. 90-91, 74-91 (2015).

S. Wang, J. Zhu, Y. Zhang, X. Lu, J. Zhang, W. Wang, L. Bai, J. Qian, L. Yin, N. S. Sullivan, C. Jin, D. He, J. Xu and Y. Zhao, Unusual Mott transition in multiferroic PbCrO3, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sciences, 112 (50), 15320–15325 (2015).

P. Sikivie, N. Sullivan, and D. B. Tanner, Proposal for Axion Dark Matter Detection Using an LC Circuit, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 131301 (2014).

W. Pan, A. Serafin, J. S. Xia, L. Yin, N. S. Sullivan, K. W. Baldwin, K. W. West, L. N. Pfeiffer, and D. C. Tsui, Competing quantum Hall phases in the second Landau level in the low-density limit, Phys. Rev B 89, 241302(R) (2014).

L. Yin, J. S. Xia, Y. Takano, N. S. Sullivan, Q. J. Li, and X. F. Sun, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 137201 (2013).

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Condensed Matter Sciences

Office: 2235 NPB

Lab: B-134/138
352-392-3674 / 352-392-8743