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Robert DeSerio


Senior Associate In
Director of Undergraduate Laboratories

PhD University of Chicago (1981)

Office: 1236 NPB

Research Group

Undergraduate Laboratories

Research Interest

Research interests are in developing hands-on educational techniques in the physical sciences. Dr. DeSerio has designed and built experimental apparatus for introductory and advanced physics laboratories, interface the equipment to computers, and created student guides for using the equipment.

Selected Publications

DeSerio R. University of Florida Introductory Physics Experiments I and II Target Copy, updated annually.

Chaotic pendulum: The complete attractor, Robert DeSerio, Am. J. Phys. 71, 250 (2003)

Synchronous analog I/O for acquisition of chaotic data in periodically driven systems, Robert DeSerio, Am. J. Phys. 72, 553 (2004)

National Science Foundation Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement Workshop on Advanced Laboratory Experiments Using Lasers, Proc. of ICALEO ’93 Oct. (1993), Orlando, Laser Inst. of Amer. v 78.

DeSerio R, Gonzalez-Lepera C, Gibbons JP, Burgdorfer J, and Sellin IA. “Measurement of the Hydrogen 2s-2p Coherence Using the Quantum Beat Technique”, Phys. Rev. A, v 37, p 4111 (1988).