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The UF Physics department’s academic advising has moved online.

Spring 2021 drop/add advising and registration assistance will via email. No one will be meeting with students in person.

For Physics 1 and 2 registration questions please contact ugradadmin@phys.ufl.edu. There is a course request list for Physics 1 and 2 classes for summer and fall 2021 semester.

For physics major and course equivalency questions please use advising@phys.ufl.edu.

AdvisorHours (UF Periods)RoomPhoneEmail
Acosta, Darin2035 NPB846.3144acostad@ufl.edu
Biswas, Amlan2255 NPB392.8592amlan@ufl.edu
Hershfield, Selman
Undergraduate Coordinator
2138 NPB392.9387selman@ufl.edu
Lee, Yoonseok2233 NPB392.6689ysl@ufl.edu
Matcheva, Katia2073 NPB392.0268matcheva@ufl.edu
McGill, Kathryn2112 NPB846.2548kathryn.mcgill@ufl.edu