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Paul Avery
Professor at large (but I am not a large professor)

My research is in experimental High Energy Physics and I participate in the CMS experiment at CERN, Geneva. My interests include (1) measurement of the Higgs to 4 leptons ("Golden channel") and (2) computing, especially distributed computing and Computational Grids.

I was Principal Investigator of the ExTENCI project, which developed advanced computing technologies in support of science. I am former Director of two other NSF funded Grid projects, GriPhyN and the International Virtual Data Grid Laboratory (iVDGL). I was co-Principal Investigator for a number of other research computing projects, including CHEPREO, which used Grid technology and advanced networking to advance important education and outreach goals, UltraLight and PLaNetS, which integrated advanced networking into data intensive computing infrastructures and DISUN (Data Intensive Science University Network), an advanced Grid facility consisting of University of Florida, Caltech, UCSD, UCLA and University of Wisconsin. I was co-PI and a founding member of the Open Science Grid consortium that operates an international Grid consisting of ~100 laboratory and university sites. University of Florida is a major site on OSG as well as a Tier-2 site in the worldwide computing infrastructure for the CMS experiment.

My group also participates actively in several Research Computing initiatives at the University of Florida, where I am chair of the UF Research Computing Advisory Committee (RCAC).

Florida Tier-2 Center

The University of Florida is a Tier-2 computing center for CMS analysis, leads or participates in several national Grid computing initiatives and has one of the largest university CMS groups in the U.S., with members participating in physics analysis, construction, trigger, software and computing, phenomenology and theory.

Some interests of mine
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