Department of Physics
University of Florida
PHZ 4404 Introduction to Solid State Physics

Spring 2023: 3 credits

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Textbook (required):
"The Oxford Solid State Basics"
(Oxford University Press, 2013) by Steven H. Simon.
the author (who is a theorist) has made a series of lectures-podcasts publicly available*, thereby allowing the student to contrast this course (taught by an experimentalist). *under Creative Commons license.

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Link to Spring 2022 course taught by Meisel: 2022
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Instructor:  Mark W. Meisel

NPB 2358, Tel: 392-8867

BEST Place to Find Me
(if not in my office, try my lab):

NPB B133, Tel: 392-9147


Office Hours and Schedule:
posted online as it is dynamic and by appointment (send email).
Course Content/Design/Approach:  This course is designed for juniors, seniors, and beginning graduate students in physics and related science/engineering fields.  This course will treat subjects, developed mostly in 20th century, in the fields of solid state/condensed matter physics at an introductory level. These concepts will then be extended to emerging materials and devices embracing quantum effects, optical control, and nanoscale morphology.  A goal will be to polish skills required to extract information and learn from seminars, colloquia, and journal articles.