Low Temperature Studies of Solids

    Department of Physics, University of Florida.
    New Physics Building, Rm B138

The research group consists of:

        Postdoctoral Fellow:
Ali Sirusi

      Graduate Students:
            Johnny Adams
            Marc Lewkowitz
            Ruyang Sun

    Undergraduate Students:


           Don Candela (Univ. Massachusetts)
 Hai-ping Cheng (Univ. of Florida)
 Brian Cowan (Royal Holloway College, Univ. of London)
           Jaha Hamida (Univ. Florida)
           Chao Huan (High B/T facility, NHMFL)
 Valery Kokshenev (Univ. Fed. de Minas Gerais, Brazil)
           Khandker Muttalib (Univ. Florida)
           Naoto Masuhara (High B/T facility, NHMFL)
 Armando Paduan-Filho (Univ. Sao Paulo, Brazil)
           Vivian Zapf, (NHMFL, LANL)
Center for Molecular Magnetic Quantum Materials (M2QM)
Current Experiments:
  1. NMR studies of  quasi 1D systems (3He in MCM-41) (Chao Huan, Johnny Adams, Marc Lewkowitz))
  2. Quantum clusters in mesoporous structures (Jaha Hamida, Chao Huan, Khandker Muttalib)
  3. Magnetoelectric Effects in Molecular Magnets (Johnny Adams, Armando Paduan-Filho, Hai-ping Cheng, Marc Lewkowitz, Ali Sirusi, Vivien Zapf) 
                                                                                T1  1D 3He 
                                                                                    NMR studies show the predicted peak in
                                                                                    spin-lattice relaxation time at T=2TF where
                                                                                    TF is the Fermi degeneracy temperature               


Magneto-Electric Effect in DTN at Low Temperatures                                          

ME Effect DTN

      Peak at the transition to the Bose glass state 
      exhibits a string frequency deopendence. this
      has been related to to spin-glass dynamics