Christopher J. Stanton

Condensed Matter Theory/National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

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Spring 2024

PHY 4604 Intro. to Quant. Mech. 1

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Previous Postdoctoral Research Associates:

Daniel W. Bailey: (Monte Carlo Techniques for studying ultrafast carrier dynamics problems). 

Karim El Sayed:  Coherent and incoherent effects in ultrafast optical excitation, nonlinear Faraday rotation in  magnetic semiconductors.

Julie Kenrow: Phonon Staircase, Nonlinear Farday Rotation in magnetic semiconductors, Differential Reflection and Transmission Spectroscopy.

Alex Kuznetsov : Ultrafast, coherent phenoma in semiconductors; spatial coherence; THz radiation; Coherent Phonons, wavepacket dynamics.

Fedir Kyrychenko: Electronic and optical properties of quantum confined  Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors.

Dipta Saha: Magneto-Optical Properties of Narrow Gap Semiconductor Nanostructures

Gary D. Sanders: Optical and transport properties of quantum confined systems; Porous silicon; Strained-layer quantum lasers and amplifiers, FEL studies of semiconductor quantum wells.

Graduate Students:

Thalya Paleologu:

Undergraduate/High School Students:

Jeffrey Naset: Computer graphics and visualization of complex phenomena.  See our work on Fermisurfaces.
Moses Hohman: Computer graphics for scientific visualization.
Chris Cook: Ultrafast diffusion dynamics in ZnO.
Suffian Khan: Ultrafast diffusion dynamics in ZnO.
Ethan Angerhofer: Coherent Optical Phonons in Thin Films.
Chris Prieto: Coherent Phonon Generation via impulsive, displacive and decaying photoexcitation.

Previous Graduate Students:

Sunil Thapa (Ph.D. 2021): Magnetio-Optical Control and Probing of Electrons, Phonons and Spins in Semiconductor Heterostructures: A Computational Study

Avinash Rustagi (Ph.D. 2016): Optical and Transport Properties of Zero Gap and Finite Gap Semiconductors

Evan Thatcher (Ph.D. 2015): Resonant Frequecies and Optical Properties of Solids

Dipta Saha (Ph.D. 2014): Magneto-Optical Properties of Narrow Gap Semiconductor Nanostructures

Xinguan Pan (Ph.D. 2010):  Magneto-Optical Properties of Narrow Gap Semiconductor Heterostructures

Yongke Sun (Ph.D. 2005):
Electronic, Transport and Optical Properties of Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors.

Rongliang Liu (Ph.D. 2004):  Coherent Phonons in Superlattices.

Jianzhong Li (Ph.D. 1997): Transport properties of thin-film electroluminescent materials; ACTFEL's, extreme quantum confinement.

Dmitry Kobzev (MS, 1995): Ultrafast optical properties of metals/superconductors; Time dependent screening and nonequilibrium plasmons.

Mark Fredrickson (M.S. 1994): Computer Graphics for Visualization of Solid State Phenomena.

Yuanshan Sun (Ph.D. 1990): Matrix Methods for Solution of Boltzmann Transport Equations in Ultrafast Optical Excitation. 

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