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The weather station consists of a Texas Weather Instruments WRL-25 weather monitor and a complete set of weather sensors. Sensors included are; Temperature (Indoor and Outdoor), Humidity (Indoor and Outdoor), Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Rainfall, Solar Intensity and Lightning Detection. Pictured below are the WRL-25 weather station and several of the attached sensors. You may follow the linked images to learn more from the manufacturer about this instrument or other weather station instruments.


The weather station records and logs the weather data in it's own internal memory banks. The data is then downloaded to a computer through a modem connection and displayed graphically. In our case we selected a software package called Weather View 32 (www.weatherview32.com) for recording the weather information. In the pictures below you can see the weather station cabinet located in the main lobby of the Department of Physics and the computer that records the weather data. The software records the information and writes the data directly to the department web server so the information can be viewed through the internet. The software also automatically connects to national weather databases and reads current METAR weather readings, radar images and other information so it can display the current weather around the state.

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