Summer 2014 Program:
Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Week 1
Sun. May 25 -
Mon. May 26
Participants arrive in Gainesville.
Tue. May 27 Campus tour, orientation meeting, and lunch with mentors. Partipants staying at Oakbrook Walk meet at the apartment complex office at 9:30 am. UF student participants meet in NPB 2205 for the orientation meeting at 11:30 am. Lunch with research mentors will start at 12 noon in NPB 2205.
Wed. May 28,
Laboratory safety workshop led by Mark Yanchisin, UF Environmental Health and Safety. All REU participants must attend. (Meet in NPB 2205.)
Fri. May 30,
3:00 pm
REU Meeting: Prof. James Hamlin will give a talk on growing samples and high pressure research followed by a lab tour (NPB 2205).
Sat. May 31,
12 noon
Cook-out at Lake Wauburg North Park. Food and drinks will be provided. Bring your Gator-1 card to allow admission to the park, as well as access to canoes, kayaks, volleyball equipment, etc.
Week 2
Tues. June 3,
2:00 pm
REU Meeting: Prof. Susan Sinnott will give a talk on materials modeling and large scale computation. (Meet in NPB 2205.)
Fri. June 6,
1:30 pm
REU Meeting: Prof. Konstantin Matchev will give a talk on applying to graduate school. (Meet in NPB 2205.)
Week 3
Fri. June 13,
2:00 pm
REU Meeting: John Mocko will present some of our hands on Physics demonstrations to be used in the outreach activity next week. Meet in NPB lobby.
Fri. June 13,
3:00 pm
REU Meeting: Prof. Amlan Biswas will give an introduction to lithography followed by a tour of the nanoscience center (NIMET). Meet in NPB 2205.
Week 4
Tues. June 17,
8:00 am
Outreach: REU participants will do hands on Physics activities for Science Quest participants, who are rising 10th grade students. (NPB 1002).
Tues. June 17,
9:30 am
REU Meeting: REU participants will give a brief (~2 minute) explanation of their project plan (what they will do) and goals. Meet in NPB 2205.
Fri. June 20,
3:00 pm
REU Meeting: Dr. Erik Deumens, Director of Research Computing at the University of Florida, will give a presentation and tour at the new HiPerGator supercomputing facility at the UF Eastside Campus. We will leave early and car pool to the UF Eastside Campus at 2008 Northeast Waldo Road, Gainesville, FL 32609.
Week 5
Tues. June 24,
all day
NHMFL Field Trip: We will drive up to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory facilities in Tallahassee for a tour and presentations by scientists there and return in the evening.
Week 6
Tues. July 1,
2:00 pm
REU meeting: A tour of the McKnight Brain Insitute will be given by Dr. Luis Colon-Perez, who is a former REU student in our program and is presently a post-doc there. Meet in NPB 2205.
Thur. July 3,
2:00 pm
REU meeting: REU student show and tell. REU students will give tours to each other of their laboratories. Refreshments will be served. Fireworks are on the UF campus in the evening. Meet in NPB 2205.
Week 7
Mon. July 7,
2:00-4:00 pm
Communications workshop: First 2-hour session on scientific writing skills, led by Dr. Mickey Schafer, Dial Center for Written and Oral Communication. (NPB 2205).
Important: Bring to this session a description (three or four well-organized paragraphs) of the purpose, plan, and scope of your REU research project. This description, which may eventually form the introduction to your end-of-project report, should be accessible to your non-expert peers. It should be prepared with a word processor (use whatever system you'll employ for preparing your final report) and printed double-spaced. Use of literature citations is optional. Workshop Notes
Fri. July 11,
3:00 pm
REU Meeting: Prof. Selman Hershfield will lead a workshop on understanding and presenting your data. Please bring paper copies of figures or tables for your most important results. We will also discuss responsible conduct of research (RCR) and how to efficiently write a paper. Background reading: Cargo Cult Science by Richard Feynman. (NPB 2205)
Week 8
Mon. July 14,
2:00-4:00 pm
Communications workshop: Second 2-hour session on scientific writing skills (NPB 2205).
Fri. July 18,
3:00 pm
REU Meeting: Prof. Gary Ihas will give a presentation on low temperature research. (NPB 2205)
Week 9
Mon. July 21,
1:00-3:00 pm
Communications workshop: First 2-hour session on oral communication skills, led by Dr. Stephanie Webster, Dial Center for Written and Oral Communication. (NPB 2205)
Fri. July 25,
3:00 pm
REU Meeting: Prof. Darin Acosta will give a presention on the high energy physics at the Large Hadron Collider. (Meet in NPB 2205.)
Fri. July 25,
3:00 pm
Deadline for submitting the first version of your end-of-project report. This will be done electronically.
Week 10
Mon. July 28,
1:00-3:00 pm
Communications workshop: Second 2-hour session on oral communication skills. (NPB 2205)
Important: During this session, you will be expected to deliver the introduction to your final presentation. More detailed instructions will be provided during the first session.
Wed. July 30,
1:00 pm
Deadline for submitting final version of end-of-project report. Provide both the original in whatever word processor you are using and a pdf version.
Wed. July 30,
1:00-3:30 pm
Student presentations (NPB 2205)
Thur. July 31,
9:00 am-4:00 pm
Student presentations (NPB 2205)
Fri. Aug. 1,
9:00 am-2:00 pm
Last day of REU program: Exit interviews will be conducted in the morning in NPB 2165 followed by lunch.
Sat. Aug. 2,
Latest check-out time for Oakbrook Walk residences.