PHY 2048 - Physics 1 with Calculus - Fall 2017


September 19th

Exam 1 Conflicts
We thought that the first exam was free of exam conflicts, but unfortunately some other courses now have exams that conflict with ours. If the other exam is also an "assembly" exam (more than 300 students) and has a course number greater than ours (i.e. greater than 2048), it is our duty to offer a make-up exam (if it is not an assembly exam or is a lower number, it is the duty of the other course instructors). Our make-up exam will be an equivalent exam, on the same material, and will be given Wednesday 10th October at 8.20 p.m., in room NPB 1101. If you need to take this make-up, send a message to, telling us of the conflict. We will put you on a list and expect you at that time. If this time/date is also not possible, let us know the reason why it is not possible and we will try to arrange something on a student-by-student basis.

September 18th

Exam 1
There have been some changes in the schedule, and we have trimmed some material appropriately. Please look at the schedule (button on left). We will be ready for the first test, the time of which is unchanged.

The rooms for the exam (8.20 p.m. Thursday 9/28/17) are assigned by the first letter of your last name.

  • Names A-H CAR 0100
  • Names I-M TUR L007
  • Names N-R MCCC 0100
  • Names S-Z CLB 303
  • September 13th

    Post Hurricane News
    Class will meet this Friday, and we will continue where we left off. For this one (and only one) class, there will be no H-iTT, in case people left town and have not arrived back. If you do miss class, be sure to look at the online videos and read the textbook.

    Sadly, you will find the magnificent oak tree outside the New Physics Building split and fell over the weekend. The tree pre-dated not just UF, but the City of Gainesville. Our building was designed and situated carefully to allow it to co-exist with the physicists, but the storm was too much for it. Please be careful when entering the building on Friday. It is hoped that the main walkway will be clear by then.

    As you know, the Homework 3 deadline is this Saturday. The Homework 4 deadline will be extended until we have covered the necessary sections of the course in lectures. We plan to compress the material a little in the next few weeks - but the exam 1 date and material will remain unchanged (we always factored in the possibility of being a little behind the published schedule - we missed two class days last year because of hurricane scares!)

    The quizzes next week (i.e. starting 18th September), will be on Homework 3 material. Quiz 2 was effectively canceled.

    September 7th

    Hurricane Update UPDATED
    As I expect you know, the University will be closed tomorrow, Friday.

    There is plenty of material online for those who want to get ahead. We will reshuffle the schedule accordingly.

    Stay safe.

    September 7th

    Hurricane Update
    As you know, the University is closed on Monday. At the present, here are the arrangements for PHY2048.

    Class as usual Friday (September 8th). Students who have left before then are encouraged to look at the powerpoint (which will be posted), the online videos, the textbook etc.

    There will be no quizzes in discussions next week. The discussions will meet if UF is open on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    The homework deadline (presently due Saturday 9th) will be extended for one more week. This is as a courtesy to those students who may be traveling on Saturday. However, we encourage people to do it according to the normal schedule while we all have power.

    We wish you all a safe weekend and start to next week

    August 22nd

    First Class
    Wiley have given us two "student partners" who are happy to help with questions concerning registration and getting set up with WileyPlus. They are on-campus.

    They are: Gabriela Larrea and Nick Martinez

    Email address: and

    Campus Office Hours

    When: August 23 12:30-2:00

    Where: near the Starbucks at the HUB

    August 21st

    First Class
    For those who missed the first lecture, the main lesson is to "Read the Syllabus"... everything should be there.

    We seem to have an odd presentation detail in the Homework (Chapter 1, Question 9, the second question of HW1). It say 2.00103, rather than 2.00 x 103. I don't know how this one question can be affected, or if it is so on all browsers. We will contact Wiley about it.

    As stated in class today, discussions do meet the first week.


    First Announcement
    This is the stream where you can see the latest course announcements. The first thing to do is to read the syllabus - in particular the section on Textbook and WileyPlus homework (button on left menu).