PHY 2049 - Physics 2 with Calculus - Fall 2016


December 16

FINAL SCORES are on canvas. We have added 4 points to all students. We hope you enjoyed the course and wish you happy holidays and all the very best in the future!

December 14

The Final Exam master copy is posted on the web page. Your exam scores are coming tomorrow.

December 11

The final HITT scores are now posted on canvas. They include the 20% forgiveness factor for absences and mishaps.
The posted HW scores are not yet weighted by your quiz performance.

December 6

Final Exam: Wednesday, December 14, at 12:30-2:30 PM. The room assignments are as follows, according to the first letter of your last name (family name).
  • A - C: Flint 50
  • D - J: Norman 137
  • K - R: Carleton 100
  • S - Z: McCarty C 100
For security reasons, you must come to the room to which you are assigned.

Makeup Exam: Friday, December 9, from noon--2:00 PM, NPB 1101

December 5

The final exam will be held on December 14 from 12:30--2:30 PM. Room assignments will be posted shortly. The final exam will have 10 problems on the old material (6 problems will be taken from your mid-term exams; with modifications, of course) and 10 problems on the new material (chapters 32--36).

The final exam review will be held on December 8, 3:00--4:55 PM, in NPB 1002.

Students who were given permissions to take the make-up exam: Please send an email to to confirm that you will be coming. The makeup is on Friday, December 9, from noon--2:00 PM. The place will posted shortly.

December 1

Exam 2 solutions are posted.

November 10

HW 11 due date has been extended to Wednesday, November 16, 10:00 pm, to better synchronize the homework with lectures.

November 9

Answer key for Exam 2 has been posted. Go to "Exam Solutions" via the sidebar, then click "Exam 2" in the list. The first answer is correct for all problems.

November 7

HW 10 due date has been extended to Wednesday, November 9, 10:00 pm, to give students time to prepare for Exam 2 and to digest the material covered in last Friday's lecture.

November 1

For students who use lecture notes in preparations for the exam: correct answers on the HITT questions used in the class are now marked.

October 31

Exam 2 review: November 3, from 6:15pm--8:10pm at FLG 0270

October 27

Exam 2 rooms: Exam 2 will be on Tuesday evening, November 8, at 8:20 pm. Exam locations are as follows, according to the first letter of your last name (family name).
  • A - D: Chemistry Laboratory Bldg. C130
  • E - J: McCarty C 100
  • K - N: Norman 137
  • O - R: Computer Science & Engineering A101
  • S - Z: Weimer 1064
For security reasons, you must come to the room to which you are assigned.

October 26

Office hours today: Prof. Takano will have to teach another course today, in period 8, as a substitute. His office hours will be periods 9 and 10, 4:05 pm - 6:00 pm, instead of the usual 8 and 9.

October 25

HW 8 due date has been extended further to tomorrow, October 26, 10:00 pm, because the WileyPLUS site was experiencing difficulty earlier today.

October 24

HW 8 due date has been extended to tomorrow, October 25, 10:00 pm, because WileyPLUS has been experiencing a server problem this evening.

October 9

HW 7 will be due Wednesday, October 19, 10:00 pm instead of Monday, October 17 as in the original course schedule. This adjustment has been neccessitated by the change in the lecture schedule caused by the cancellation of classes on Friday, October 7.

October 6

HW 6 due date has been extended to Wednesday, October 12, 10:00 pm, since part of the material that appears in the assignment has not been fully covered in class. We also want to remind that we have no discussion session quizzes next week. Quiz 7 coming up in a week will be based on HW7.

Stay safe during the storm.

October 6

Due to the UF closure on Friday October 7, this Friday discussion sessions and the lecture are canceled. Students attending discussion sessions on Fridays will have Quiz 5 on Friday October 21 (together with Quiz 7).

Lecture notes for the lecture planned for this Friday are available on Canvas.

October 5

Exam 1 solutions have been posted. Go to "Exam Solutions" as described below and click on "solutions" next to "Exam 1". PLEASE take time to review and make sure you understand these solutions. If you missed some of the problems, we strongly advise you to review the chapters from which they have come.

Exam scores have been posted in Canvas.

October 4

Answer key for Exam 1 has been posted. Click "Exam Solutions" on the sidebar and click "Exam 1" on the list. For all problems, the first answer is the correct one. Because of a typographical error, the correct answer did not appear for Problem 13 in the exam; we will give one point to all students for this problem. Solutions are coming shortly. Your exam score will be posted in Canvas in a few days.

Sept 28

Review for Exam 1 will be on Thursday, September 29, 6:15 pm - 8:10 pm, in Flint Hall room 50. The first half of the review will comprise short summaries of subjects, followed by example problems chosen by the instructor. In the second half, he will show how to do problems chosen by students from past exams, the textbook, HITT quizzes, etc. Come to the review with questions and a list of problems you would like to be discussed.

Sept 28

Office hour today: Prof. Takano will not be able to hold his second office hour today, September 28, in Period 9. He will hold only his Period 8 office hour, from 3:00 pm.

Sept 21

Exam 1 rooms have been assigned as follows, according to the first letter of your last name (family name).
  • A - E: Turlington L007
  • F - L: New Physics Bldg 1001
  • M - Z: Carleton 100
For security reasons, you must come to the room to which you are assigned.

September 5

The HW 1 due date was meant to be today, September 5, at 10:00 pm, as shown on the Course Schedule. But we had announced on August 21 (see below) that the homework will be due tomorrow. For consistency, the due date has now been extended to tomorrow, September 6, at 10:00 pm. We apologize for the confusion.

August 31

All PowerPoint slides used in lectures are available as pdf files at e-Learning.

August 23

Office Hours have been finalized

August 22

Welcome to PHY2049! Studying physics is rewarding and we hope you will enjoy the course.

This opening web page will have all current announcements---please make sure to bookmark it. Check this page periodically, especially if you happen to miss a lecture. No announcements will be made via WileyPLUS or Canvas. The collection of the links in the left bar constitutes the syllabus for the course.

Here are a few upcoming important events and deadlines:
  • HOMEWORK: The trial homework assignment is due on Monday, August 29, 10:00 PM. It is meant to familiarize you with the WileyPlus system and will not be counted toward your final grade. To access the WileyPlus system click the "Register: WileyPlus" link in the menu and follow instructions there. The first graded homework is due on Tuesday, September 6, 10:00 PM.

  • Register your HITT remote: During lectures of August 24 and 26, we will conduct trial HITT quizzes. Make sure to buy and register (!!!) your HITT clicker by that time. Beginning August 29, HITT quizzes will start bringing you bonus points.

  • Discussion sessions and QUIZZES: Discussion sessions will start in the fist week, the week of August 22. In the week of August 2, you will be given a trial quiz at the end of your discussion session; it will not be counted toward your final grade. Beginning the week of September 5, discussion session quizzes will start counting toward your final grade.

And let us remind again: The collection of the links in the left bar constitutes the syllabus for the course. Please make sure to read all the links. If you have a question now or later, the chance that the answer is in the syllabus is nearly 100%.