PHY 2054 - Physics II - Fall 2013


Prof. Kumar Prof. Pradeep Kumar
Ph. 392-6690
phy2054 AT
Office: 2160 NPB (see office hours)
Prof. Zongan Qiu
Ph. 392-8745
phy2054 AT
Office: 2039 NPB (see office hours)

Teaching assistants (for office hours, see here)

Name Office
Phone (email)
Matt Carver 2014 846-3133 (mrcarver)
Rashid Hamdan 2331 871-6609 (rashid)
Brian Hare 2064 (
Steven Hochman 2159 392-3280 (hochman)
Gordon Tam  B61 392-5806  (gnt)
Chris Wagner 2150 392-3282 (cwagner)

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