Continuing what got started four years ago: Here are some selected bits and pieces that some readers may find amusing---all of these appealed at one time or another to my sometimes infantile sense of humor. You are entitled to disagree, for as Ogden Nash once wrote:

"Nothing is anywhere any more numerous / Than different peoples' senses of humorous."

When I began this compilation [people DO send me these things, perhaps in retaliation!] for this homepage in 1996, I put up a single item, intending to change it (approximately) monthly. But time has the nasty habit of slipping away [one bumper sticker says: "Enjoy life; it ain't a dress-rehearsal!"] and the interval became increasingly longer. So here goes with a cumulative collection that I will try to maintain at around a dozen items. As before, this will be updated when (a) somebody sends me some good stuff and (b) I can summon the energy to 'html-it' &;put it up on these pages. Needless to say, this will continue to occur in spasms (fits?) !!

During the past couple of years the pile of funny (let's hope!) items has grown—almost a fast as the US appetite for Arab oil—to several hundred. More come in every day; even after culling out the extra-raunchy ones (sorry about that!) there are too many to put up on these pages.

Since I can't stand the thought of trashing the great stuff from last year, it's still available here as

Chuckles 2.


And to start the Year 2000 off, here is a selection of about 20 of the recent ones I liked best, listed as

Chuckles 3.

And as before, if you think that an item is truly awful and wish to contribute to a quality-upgrade, send along your comments and contribution(s) [with source identified, if known, please!], though I can't promise to use them. Enjoy!!!......