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Practicum on Simulations


The first few assignments involve the use of CompHEP, which is nothing but a package for evaluation of Feynman diagrams and integration over multi-particle phase space. If you are going to use the CompHEP version which is already installed on the common pitp account here at IAS, follow these instructions. If you prefer to have CompHEP on your own laptop, it is a good idea to consult either the installation guide or these instructions before attempting to install the program. If you run into problems, please seek help from your more computer savvy friends or the tech support.


Assignment 1 (07/18/2005) The very most trivial test of PYTHIA.

Assignment 2 (07/19/2005) CompHEP: models; particle decays.

Assignment 3 (07/20/2005) CompHEP: elementary scattering processes.

Assignment 4 (07/21/2005) CompHEP: Higgs physics at hadron colliders.
Patrick's instructions on how to run batch jobs.

Assignment 5 (07/22/2005) CompHEP: new physics models. LHC Olympics.

Assignment 6 (07/25/2005) PYTHIA: Cross-sections, plotting.

Assignment 7 (07/26/2005) PYTHIA: Higgs signatures.

Assignment 8 (07/27/2005) PYTHIA: Supersymmetry.

Assignment 9 (07/28/2005) PYTHIA: Extra dimensions.