Sujata Krishna

2249 New Physics Bldg. Phone: 352-392-3898
Physics Department
University of Florida Contact: sujatakrishna AT
Gainesville, FL 32611-8440

Sujata Krishna

I am a lecturer at the University of Florida. Prior to this I was teaching in the University of Houston System in Texas. I have taught there for 5 years, teaching mostly freshman and sophomore level courses for physics majors as well as non-majors. The non-major courses are algebra-based and large cohorts of students compared to the calculus based physics for majors.

I enjoy teaching both face-to-face and online physics courses. I have developed and taught both in the past.

I have worked at Rice University, and prior to that I was in the UK where I worked at the following universities: Oxford, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Staffordshire and Galsgow Caledonian. For details see here.

Recent Teaching:
Fall 2019: Phy2004:Applied Physics 1 , Phy 2004: Applied Physics I (online),Phy 2004L: Applied Physics I Lab (online)
Spring 2019:Phy2005:Applied Physics 2 , Phy 2005: Applied Physics II (online) , Phy 2005L: Applied Physics II Lab (online)
Fall 2018: Phy2054: Physics 2 , Phy 2004: Applied Physics I (online) , Phy 2004L: Applied Physics I Lab (online)

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