PHY 2048 - Physics I with Calculus - Summer 2014

DISCUSSION SECTION QUIZZES (discussion sections start the first week of classes. The quiz schedule is below.)

A quiz will be administered during almost all of your discussion section meetings. The quizzes will test how well you learned the concepts and methods of the previous week's homework problems. The quiz will be closely related to ONE of the homework problems selected at random from the previous week's homework set. The problem may be restructured to provide guidance, allow awarding of partial credit and discourage memorization of only the formula for the solution. The particular problem given in each discussion section is chosen at random so sometimes it will be one of the easier problems and sometimes it will be a harder one (different sections will get different problems).

We are telling you exactly what you must learn for this portion of your grade: the methods for solving a set of homework problems. You know what the possible problems are going to be for the quiz in a given week. In return, we expect you to learn how to do these problems on your own without any notes or other help (i.e. there are no formula sheets for the quizzes!). In doing the online homework you can get help in discussion section, office hours, from tutors and from other students. However, in the end you must understand the methods needed to do the problems on your own. The quizzes will give partial credit (0-10 points) so if you set up the problem correctly but make an algebraic or arithmetic mistake you will get some of the credit for the problem.

You will be permitted no more than 2 documented (e.g. medical note) absences from the discussion sections, with make-ups for missed quizzes to take place at the first opportunity determined by your TA. The documentation must be provided to your TA within 2 weeks of the missed quiz or a rational reason that it will be delayed must be e-mailed along with the projected receipt date of the documentation to both your TA and to the course e-mail address ( within those 2 weeks. The last day to makeup quiz is August  5.

The quiz portion of the course will count for 20% of the overall course grade. No quizzes will be dropped. However, to provide a measure of forgiveness for illnesses or any unexpected circumstances beyond your control, the quiz score will be scaled up by 10% when evaluating your overall course grade. Your final quiz score will be calculated as follows:

Your Final Quiz Grade
QYour Total Points
QFinal =
x 20%
QTotal Possible Points x 0.9
For example, if you obtain 90 out 100 possible total quiz points then you will receive full credit for the quiz component. You cannot receive more that full credit.

Quiz Schedule
Week Starting Quiz # Quiz Problem
1 5/12 -- No Quiz
2 5/19 1 HW Set 1
3 5/26 2 HW Set 2
4 6/2 3 HW Set 3
5 6/9 4 HW Set 4
6 6/16 5 HW Set 5
7 6/30 -- No Quiz
8 7/7 6 HW Set 6,7
9 7/14 7 HW Set 8
10 7/21 8 HW Set 9
11 7/28 9 HW Set 10
12 8/4 -- No Quiz