PHY 2054 - Physics II - Summer C 2013


Date Announcement
Aug 10 Alright so I have no idea where Sakai is getting the number listed under grade. Your correct grade is the one listed under "Course Grade".
Aug 10 Assuming nothing crazy happens or someone informs me that I've made a mistake (which is very possible), your grades on Sakai will be your final grades.
Aug 9 Final Exam key posted. Average is 7.57
Aug 7 Grades for make-up exam, homework (including EC), and quizzes (after adjustments) have been posted. There are still a few scores that need to be entered (you know who you are). Clicker number 665213, contact me if you want your extra credit points. The homework scores were out of 90% including EC (total/(.9*max)). The quiz scores were all curved up to a 15 average and also scored out of 90%(total/(.9*max)). The HITT clickers have a built in 20% drop of the lowest responses(34highest responses/68points).
Aug 6 For all of those wondering, the HITT system was not up today because apparently the Tesla coil would have knocked it out.
Also, John Mocko insisted I show you these videos for Tesla coils
Aug 5 There was a problem regarding instructor evaluations for me not showing up. This has been fixed.
Aug 4 Makeup Exam: allowed 2 formula sheets
Aug 2 IMPORTANT: The final exam will be 75 minutes long (12:30-1:45) for 15 problems. The extra 10 minutes will not overlap with anyone else's classes due to the way the blocks are set up for summer B. With more problems, there will be less weight on not being able to do a problem. Sorry I don't know names, so if you were the one that suggested this, contact me and I'll give you extra credit.
Aug 2 The HITT registration page has been shut down, so if you still haven't registered your clicker, bring it to me and I will do so.
Aug 1 The following clickers have not been registered (as of July 23). If you haven't done so yet, please register them so I can work out the points.
Aug 1 Re-uploaded homework scores. If something still doesn't seem right, feel free to bombard me with e-mails.
July 31 Thanks to all the e-mails, I've realized I made a mistake in calculating homework scores. They will be fixed eventually...
July 31 Final Exam:
Thursday August 8 in NPB 1001 from 12:30pm-1:35pm (IN CLASS)
4 problems from Exam 1 material
4 problems from Exam 2 material
7 problems new material
15 problems total in 65 minutes
2 formula sheets
July 31 Make-up Exam:
Monday August 5 in NPB 1002 from 7:00pm-9:00pm
10 problems from Exam 1 material
10 problems from Exam 2 material
20 problems total in 2 hours
2 formula sheets
July 31 Homework grades have been posted. This includes the 10% but not the EC homework assignment.
July 29 Extra Credit homework posted.
July 26 Number 11 on exam 2 was a little ambiguous in the wording in whether the magnetic field was perpendicular to the axis of the coil or the plane of coil. As such I have gone back and given credit to students who interpreted it as the former. This raised the average to 11.88.
July 23 Mirrors Applet:
Lenses Applet:
July 19 Added a grade calculation document on e-learning under resources.
July 16 Exam 2 average was 11.46 with a standard deviation of 3.33
July 16 Exam 2 key and scores posted. I think I have the clicker points worked out. They should include points from the beginning of the semester up until the second exam.
July 15 Exam room assignments have not changed.
A-E: 1002
F-Z: 1001
July 11 Reminder: Make-up quizzes must be done within 3 weeks of scheduled date. However, NO MAKE-UPs will be allowed after the FINAL EXAM. Please plan accordingly.
July 10 Homework 8 has been posted. Problems include material covered in Tuesday's lecture and will be due the same day as Exam 2.
July 2 Slight addition of material covered in today's lecture.
June 18 Homework 2 was incorrectly graded. All students will get an extra .5 points added to their score in my gradebook.
June 17 Problem with a WebAssign question. Question has been removed and credit for that question will be removed once I figure out how.
June 12 Clicker Slides posted for those to practice the right-hand rule. Correct responses are listed in the comments/notes underneath the slide.
June 11 Exam 1 average was 14.00/20 with a standard deviation of 3.65.
June 10 Exam 1 scores are posted. If anything seems funny, let me know.
June 8 Exam 1 answer key posted on E-Learning. Exams won't be graded until Monday at the earlier (normal working week), since I don't actually grade them myself.
June 5 There is a homework assignment due Monday June 10th, but it is a shorter homework assignment and involves material that will be covered on the exam.
June 4 Review session will involve a brief review of the course material. Questions are recommended, so come prepared.
June 4 Exam will have 20 questions.
June 3
May 31 Make-up exam date and time have been posted.
May 30 Exam room assignments for Friday June 7th.
A-E: NPB 1002
F-Z: NPB 1001
May 30 Chat room on Sakai for students to ask questions/converse with other students/instructors.
May 25 Homework 2 due date changed to Wednesday May 29th. Enjoy the holiday.
May 24 Electric Field and Equipotential plotting simulator can be found at
May 23 Second exam date has been rescheduled to Monday July 15th. Final exam will take place in class on the final day of classes.
May 21 First exam date posted in the exams section. Second exam date is in the process of being changed.
May 19 Old exams have been posted on E-learning. The correct answers are the first choices (i.e. A).
May 18 Webassign problem #3 has a mistake. It talks about negatively charged objects, but the answer requires you to enter the amount of charge as a positive value.
May 17 Some webassign codes have been transferred over. They have asked that you contact their customer support themselves to have your codes transferred if they aren't already. Their number is (800) 955-8275. Sorry for the inconvenience.
May 16 Some students have been reporting problems e-mailing me at, so in the future e-mail me at If you have already e-mailed me at, there is no need to email me again.
May 16 If you have a webassign key that you used for your gatorlink.1 login and now doesn't work for your gatorlink login, please send me an e-mail ( with BOTH new and old usernames, and I will get it sorted out.
May 15 Section 73FB is now on Sakai.
EDIT: I am fixing mistakes on Webassign. Please refrain from working on the homework. I will make an announcement in class tomorrow.
May 14 Please bring your HITT clickers on Thursday, as we will be doing a practice run with the clickers.
May 14 Sakai/E-learning should be working for everyone now with the exception of those registered for 73FB. That section isn't listed for the moment for some reason. Since I am still figuring out Webassign, I will provide an extension on the first HW assignment.
May 14
The websites, consisting of this site, e-Learning and webassign are getting done.  If you see a mistake, please let me know.  The lecture notes are posted at "Resources" in eLearning.
May 14 Students with Disabilities: Students requesting classroom accommodation for disabilities must first register with the Dean of Students Office. That office will provide you with documentation that you will provide to the instructor at the beginning of the semester. Please print and fill out the Accommodated Test Request (ATR) Form, and return it to the Disability Resource Center (DCR) at least one week before the first exam. The Accommodated Testing Service (ATS) at DCR will administer all exams.
May 14 Lectures start Tuesday May 14 (summer period 4, 12:30PM) in Physics 1001. The class schedule shows the lecture schedule, exam dates, and on-line homework due dates.
Discussion sections start Thursday May 16.
Quizzes begin in the discussion sections Thursday May 23.