International Summer Research Program in Gravitational-Wave Physics:
Research Experiences for Undergraduates around the world

Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Sorbonne Université, Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
Contact: Pierre-François Cohadon
The Kastler Brossel Laboratory (LKB) is one of the main European centers in the field of fundamental physics of quantum systems. New issues in the study of quantum entanglement and Bose-Einstein condensates call for a constant renewal of the research carried out in the laboratory. Presently, this research includes the study of cold atoms, atom lasers, quantum fluids, atoms in solid helium, quantum optics and quantum electrodynamics, quantum measurement and quantum information, high-precision measurements, and quantum chaos. Beyond testing theory and understanding fundamental phenomena, this research leads to important applications: development of more precise atomic clocks, improved interferometric gravitational wave detectors and the development of new methods for medical imaging.