Steve Detweiler,
Professor of physics in the
and the
Physics Department of the
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
at the
University of Florida
in Gainesville FL

Office: 2174 New Physics Building
Phone: 352.392.4948
fax : 352.392.0524
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My (not up to date) department web page.

Recent teaching:
    Spring 2014: PHY 2020 Introduction to the principles of Physics
    Fall 2013: PHY 2060 Enriched physics with calculus I
    Spring 2013: PHY 3221 Mechanics I
    Fall 2012: PHY 2060 Enriched physics with calculus I

Recent service:
    Fellow of the American Physical Society
    Editorial Board of Physical Review D 2010–2012.
    Referee for Physical Review D and Classical and Quantum Gravity.
    Reviewer for the National Science Foundation.
    Chair of Topical Group on Gravitation of the American Physical Society, 2010–2011.

Publication lists:
    Many of my earlier publications, from before the advent of the physics archive, are available by appending "/papers" after the html address of this page.
    NASA/SAO Astrophysics Data System ADS (pretty complete).
    SPIRES (incomplete).
    ISI Web of Science (pretty complete).
     Google Scholar (very thorough).

Research interests:
Two black holes in a close orbit about each other emit gravitational waves, which might be detectable by the LIGO or LISA projects within the next ten years. But, at this time, we know surprisingly little about the details of the final coalescence of the black holes. In particular, we are ignorant of how the amplitude and frequency of the radiation change with time. Knowledge of these details would aid immensely in our search for gravitational waves.

Selected publications:

Self-consistent orbital evolution of a particle around a Schwarzschild black hole
Peter Diener, Ian Vega, Barry Wardell, Steven Detweiler
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 191102 (2012)

Gravitational radiation reaction and second order perturbation theory
Steven Detweiler
Phys. Rev. D 85, 044048 (2012)

"High-Order Post-Newtonian Fit of the Gravitational Self-Force for Circular Orbits in the
Schwarzschild Geometry"
with Luc Blanchet, Alexandre Le Tiec, and Bernard F. Whiting,

"Post-Newtonian and Numerical Calculations of the Gravitational Self-Force for Circular Orbits
in the Schwarzschild Geometry"
with Luc Blanchet, Alexandre Le Tiec, and Bernard F. Whiting,

"Self-force with (3+1) codes: a primer for numerical relativists"
with Ian Vega, Peter Diener and Wolfgang Tichy
Phys.Rev. D, 80, 084021 (2009)

"Elementary description of the gravitational self-force"
Summer school lecture given at the "School on Mass" (Orleans, France, June 2008)

"Consequence of the gravitational self-force for circular orbits of the Schwarzschild geometry"
Phys.Rev. D77, 124026 (2008). .

"Regularization of fields for self-force problems in curved spacetime: foundations and a time-domain application"
with Ian Vega.
Phys.Rev. D77, 084008 (2008). .

"Perspective on gravitational self-force analyses"
This paper was chosen as one of the "Highlights of 2005/2006" by the editorial
board of Classical and Quantum Gravity
Class.Quant.Grav. 22, S681-S716 (2005). .

"Self-force of a scalar field for circular orbits about a Schwarzschild black hole,"
with Erini Messaritaki and Bernard Whiting
Phys. Rev. D67, 104016 (2003). .

"Self-force via a Green's function decomposition",
with Bernard Whiting,
Phy. Rev. D67, 024025 (2003). .

"Radiation reaction and the self-force for a point mass in general relativity,"
Phys. Rev. Lett., 86, 1931-1934 (2001). .

"Where has the fifth dimension gone?"
with Alan Chodos,
Physical Review D 21 (8), 2167.

"Pulsar timing measurements and the search for gravitational waves,"
Ap.J 234, p1100-1104 (1979).

"1967 Letter to X-Men Comics, vol 38".

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