#Human Help

Help files in the directory Parkin01 on your computer

1.      How to make a question file

2.       Running your question file in PARKIN01

3.       Word Processing 

4.       Account Balance

5.       Example of sending the job to NERMVS 

6.       Merging the grades

7.      Parkin01 directions Cathy’s set of directions on the web.

8.      Texam.html – exams in tex

Common Problems

The question file

            The question file must contain no more than 80 characters on a line.  Extra characters are not read and seem to do some harm in addition to that.  Usually these cause an incorrect number of answers to one of the questions.  Usually this is caught on the PC in the process of making the proof and it will issue a warning.   This causes the code to merely produce a numbered listing of the input file.  This is in the qname.out file.  It is possible for this to get clear through to NEREXAM before being detected, but I do not believe that it has ever happened.

          If the question file is made with the dos editor, edit, the bottom line shows the column that you are on.  In Notepad, the first time set the size of the window to 80 and simply enter carriage returns to keep the lines, looking correct.  If word is used to make the question file, set the font to Courier 13, and save the file as text with line breaks.

Linefeed/Carraige return

            If you are running Parkin01 from Linux in a dos emulator, you must remember that NEREXAM which produces the exams on the IBM mainframe using MVS requires the dos convention of <cr><lf> at the end of each line.  The dos codes Unix2Dos or Dos2Unix, or even the c files in, which are in parkin01\linux  may be necessary to get files that will run on the NERDC.

File list


 Directory of D:\Parkin01


09/13/1999  06:39p               1,451 brcbexam.html

10/01/2002  09:05a             221,967 The path structure, executable and bat files for making tex exams.

10/01/2002  08:34a               7,017 EMTEX.HTM Brief description of the emtex setup.

12/12/1999  03:47p               1,756 FPTEX.HTM  Directions for getting a “free” version of tex.

02/09/2001  09:30p               5,956 ftp.html  Directions for using ftp

05/03/2002  03:11p           1,301,989 GATORUP.ZIP  Power point presentation by Steve Pritz on how to upload grades at semester’s end.

02/09/2001  11:25p              22,174 gmerge.html Direction for using the gra files to produce final grades.

08/09/2002  05:42a             860,049  The minimum emtex needed to view the exams in a dos like environment – works with Windows 98 and before.

02/13/2001  10:19p               3,929 nerinfo.htm How to find an account balance.

10/01/2002  09:31a             169,276 Password protected fortran and bat files for making the PC and Nerdc versions of RCBEXAM.

08/09/2002  05:51a             292,352 Parkin01.exe  Self extracting set of Parkin01 files.

10/01/2002  09:50a               9,027 Parkin01.htm  Directions for extracting Parkin01 files.

09/13/1999  06:39p              11,435 Parkin1.html  Directions for producing exams.

08/09/2002  05:50a             253,431  Zipped set of Parkin01 files.

08/07/2002  08:49p              11,438 QUE.HTM  Directions for making a que file.

09/13/1999  03:39p               8,259 sample.que  sample que file.

10/01/2002  09:27a               6,670 texam.html  Intruduction to TeX exams.

10/01/2002  09:45a              37,234 TEXBATF.ZIP  Password protected source code for texam

08/08/2002  01:47p             273,568  Password protected source code for a unix version of texam

09/13/1999  06:39p               3,785 Word_Proc.html  Description of the word processing features of rcbexam.


Human Help

Mary L. Ploch, (392-2231, makes exams for  Dept. of Geological Sciences.  She knows more about the practical side of rcbexam than anyone else.

Cathy Knudsen, (392-8742, makes exams for the physics department.  She is the expert on exams in TeX.    Parkin01 directions are on her web site.

Bob Coldwell (home 373-7493, office 392-0793  Room 2275 NPB  Mike Parkinson wrote the original version of the code.  He probably would not recognize Bob’s version.  Bob will try to help and as a result may decide to “improve” the code.  He is not the expert at using rcbexam.