Outline of the course:

The Nature of Light (Ch. 1)

Geometrical Optics (Ch. 2)
Optical Instrumentation (Ch. 3)
Wave Equations (Ch. 4)
Superposition of Waves (Ch. 5)
Properties of Lasers (Ch. 6)
Interference of Light (Ch. 7)
Optical Interferometry (Ch. 8)
Coherence (Ch. 9)
Fiber Optics (Ch. 10)
Fraunhofer Diffraction (Ch. 11)
Diffraction Grating (Ch. 12)
Fresnel Diffraction (Ch. 13)
Fourier Optics (Ch. 21)
Fresnel Equations (Ch. 23)
Current Research Topics - (Intermingled with above as time permits)
Selected Modern Applications