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Summer 1999 Research Program:
Research Experiences for Undergraduates/
Research Experiences for Teachers
Program Personnel

Click on a name to see that person's picture, or select the picture board.

Undergraduate Participants
student mentor email office office phone
Birch, Daniel Qiu birch 2038 392-4033
Crawford, Brice Hooper bristol 2274 392-3293
Ihas, Ben Tanner bihas 1134 392-xxxx
Kim, Jason Adams kim9526 MicroKelvin 392-xxxx
Leon, Rafael Hebard leon B39 392-9938
Magnuson, John Rinzler jfm27 B150 392-5657
Mei, Bing Reitze bmei 1033 392-3428
Naset, Jeff Stanton naset 2153 392-4020
Schroerlucke, Dave Acosta dave B15 392-xxxx
Scurlock, Bobby Acosta bslock B15 392-xxxx
Shumaker, Megan Hershfield mis9416 2117 392-3282
Skowronski, Christy Dorsey christy 2015 392-xxxx
Tyner, Ben Sullivan tyner B134 392-5692
Wilson, Corrin Acosta corrin B15 392-xxxx
Winegar, Matt Cheng mwinega 2339 392-xxxx

Teacher Participants
teacher mentor email office office phone
Arnold, Joe Korytov click here B15  
Caruso, Marbie Sharifi      
Hagofsky, Linda Reitze click here 1033  
Lewis, Cynthia        
Sartore, Diane Hebard click here    

Program Staff
name position e-mail office phone
Dorsey, Alan Associate Director dorsey 2116 392-4031
Ingersent, Kevin Director kevin 2162 392-8748
Klironomos, Alex Graduate Assistant kliron 2151 392-3117
Latimer, Darlene Senior Secretary darlene 1210A 392-8818
Messaritaki, Eirini Graduate Assistant messarit 2066 392-2921

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