24th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics 
updated 06/29/05
10 - 17 August 2005    Orlando, Florida, USA
hosted by Department of Physics, University of Florida, Gainesville

Chair: Gary G. Ihas   Secretary: Mark W. Meisel
   Publications: Yasu Takano   Program: Allen Goldman
Exhibition Chair: Michael Capers

Oxford Instruments Andeen-Hagerling Scientific Instruments Cryomech Elsevier Quantum Design Janis
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Supporting International and National Science Agencies

        The Sponsors of the Conference play an important role of providing funding that insures the successful exchange of ideas.  The agencies that have provided funding are listed here and additional requests are pending.

IUPAPInternational Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP)

The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)

University of FloridaUniversity of Florida
       Department of Physics
       College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
                                      Division of Sponsored Research
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

National Science Foundation
National Science Foundation

Corporate Sponsors Directory
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AMI offers superconducting magnet systems to meet almost any custom requirement and are available in helium cooled or cryogen free versions.  Our multi-axis MAxesTM systems are configured to be used with existing or other 3rd party He3 inserts or dilution fridges.  MAxesTM systems are also offered with radial access windows for magneto-optic studies.  Other magnet products include custom systems for beam lines, high homogeneity magnet systems for resonance spectroscopy & wide bore magnet systems for STM applications.  AMI also offers a wide range of cryogen level instruments, custom superconducting magnet power supplies, power supply programmers for resistive as well as inductive loads and vapor cooled current leads.



Andeen-Hagerling (AH) manufactures the world's most precise capacitance/loss bridges and capacitance standards.  AH bridges are fully automatic and resolve sub-attofarad measurements.  Loss (dissipation factor) is measured down to 1.5x10-8 tanδ.  Capacitance standards are available from 0.1 pF to 100+ pF.  Standards have a temperature coefficient of .01 ppm/C, stability of .03 ppm/year, and are NIST traceable to 2 ppm accuracy.


Attocube Systems AG manufactures and distributes a complete line of easy-to-use scanning probe microscopes and nanopositioning systems for temperatures in the range from 300 K down to 10 mK.  The innovative nanopositioners are also compatible with HV and UHV environments as well as with high magnetic fields up to 15 T.

Cambridge Magnetic Refrigeration

http://www.cmr.uk.com/ and http://www.cmr-direct.com/

Cambridge Magnetic Refrigeration, manufacturer of the only general purpose millikelvin magnetic fridge, the mFridge, launches its new range of piezoelectic rotators, the mROT series, at this year's LT24.  Miniature multi-axis piezo-rotation is now possible at ultra-low temperature with in-situ positional readout. When coupled to the mPUCK range of interchangeable sample mounts mROT rotators provide the ultimate in flexibility in high magnetic field. All these items and our ranges of cryo-consumables and cryo-components are available for immediate dispatch from our new direct sales store www.cmr-direct.com.

Cryogenic LTD


Cryogenic Ltd. is renowned in low temperature research and material science laboratories world-wide for delivering high quality measurement systems and providing the highest magnetic fields and lower temperatures.  We are actively committed to developing new products for our existing and future customers. These include our wide range of Liquid Helium Free Magnet systems and Variable Temperature Inserts which are easy to operate and offer significant operational cost benefits.  A wide range of automated systems are now available using sophisticated data acquisition software and hardware running under the LabVIEW operating environment.

Cryo Industries


CRYO Industries is a leading supplier of cryogenic systems. We manufacture the very best in cryogenic equipment - standard or custom, open or closed cycle, continuous flow or reservoir type, miniature, hand held, large aerospace and superconducting magnet systems. We, at CRYO, are dedicated to manufacturing cryogenic systems designed with your specifications and performance needs in mind.



Cryoconcept is specialized in design, assembly and test of dilution refrigerators.  In partnership since 2000 with the low temperature department of CEA in Saclay.  Cryoconcept provides to worldwide laboratories a wide range of systems reaching less than 10mK.  Many projects issued built up Cryoconcept expertise in assembly of efficient heat exchanges, experimental wiring at low temperature and design of low consumption dewar by using super-insulation.



Cryofab Inc.-Manufacturer and Service provider of cryogenic equipment.  Custom, as well as standard fabrications depicts our product mix.  Customizing ability allows for prototype development that can lead to high & small production products.  Capabilities include, but not limited too:  Double wall vacuum vessels, tanks, containers, cryostats, pressure vessels, transfer lines, V.J. Piping and cold traps for all liquid cryogens.



Cryomagnetics offers a complete superconducting magnet system, CE-Marked electronic instrumentation, and cryogenic accessory line. Our cryogen-free superconducting magnet lineup now includes everything from simple solenoids to complex, high-homogeneity and actively-shielded systems. Groundbreaking work in high temperature superconducting magnets includes a 3.6 T, liquid cryogen free system. Magnets with and without compensation coils for use with any manufacturer's low temperature systems are available. Cryomagnetics is committed to staying at the forefront of superconducting magnet  technology and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your requirements.



Cryomech, Inc. provides advanced cryocooler solutions for new and existing applications as requested by our unique and diverse customer base.  Continual innovation, improvement of our technical expertise and a relentless focus to product reliability and quality are keys to our success.  We have a passion to exceed each customer’s expectations and to maintain a workforce focused on promoting the “Cryomech Way” in order to achieve continued profitability.



easyLab develops, manufactures and markets innovative scientific equipment that extend current boundaries of measurements into the extreme conditions of high pressure, low temperatures and high magnetic fields.  Our products include high-pressure cell modules, which have become vital to such fields as geophysics, optoelectronics, polymers science, and vaccine production.  Our core competencies lie in instrumentation for applied physical sciences.



Elsevier is . . .
WHO:  A world leading, multiple-media publisher of scientific, technical and health information products and services, with 7,000 employees in 73 locations around the globe.
WHAT: Publisher of more than 20,000 products and services, including journals, books, electronic products, services, databases and portals serving the global scientific, technical and medical (STM) communities.



IQUANTUM is a company spun off the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) of Japan. Based on AIST's long history of low-temperature and precision-measurement research since one of its predecessors, ETL, IQUANTUM offers unprecedented products and services that take you to new frontiers. These include a 3He insert for the de facto standard SQUID magnetometer, an AC/DC transfer standard, and a cryogen-free programmable Josephson voltage
standard. The latest addition is a consultation on thermometry in magnetic fields.



Janis Research, recipient of NASA achievement awards (1996 & 2000), R&D-100 (1998), offers a complete line of standard and customized cryogenic systems.  These include dilution refrigerators (10 mK), ADRs (50 mK), He-3 & He-4 superconducting magnet systems (0.3 K & 6-17 T), cryocoolers (3 K - 800 K), VT cryostats (2 K - 800 K), noble gas cold traps, and more.



Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. manufactures cryogenic measurement instrumentation and sensors, as well as a full line of cryogenic and superconducting magnet-based probe stations. Instruments include controllers, monitors, transmitters, and an AC resistance bridge. Temperatures down to 20 mK can be measured and controlled. Our cryogenic temperature sensors represent the most comprehensive line available. Our probe stations can be used for DC, RF, microwave, and magneto-transport measurement on devices and wafers.

Leiden Cryogenics


Leiden Cryogenics is specialized in dilution refrigerators and other ultra low temperature equipment. We have the widest range of insertable oil-free refrigerators for cooling powers from 0.1mW up to the most powerful presently available (4 mW) and temperatures down to 3 mK. Our recent dilution refrigerator, the MCK50 is the most economic refrigerator in the market, yet it has all the features of the larger models including very sturdy construction, automatic oil-free operation, plus it allows measurements inside or outside the liquid from room-temperature to below 20 mK in less than 2 hours.



Oxford Instruments is the world leader in low-temperature instrumentation.  Using our 45 years of experience in cryogenics and superconductivity we are continuously developing new and innovative technologies.  Visit ouir booth to learn more about these new developments such as the Heliox AC-V cryogen-free Helium3 system and Kelvinox MX high cooling power dilution refrigerators.



Quantum Design is the leading manufacturer of fully automated material characterization systems for physics, chemistry, and industrial research including the ultra-sensitive Magnetic Property Measurement System (MPMS) SQUID magnetometer and the Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) - designed for measurements from 50 mK - 1,000 K and magnet fields to14 T. Turnkey measurements include magnetometry (VSM, AC, Torque), electrical transport (AC, DC, Hall effect), heat capacity, thermal conductivity, Seebeck coefficient, and thermopower. Now available: 50 mK valveless Dilution Refrigerator System and PPMS NitroLab - operating from 70 -1000 K at 1 T fields using liquid nitrogen.



Scientific Instruments will feature the recently introduced Model 9700 Cryogenic Temperature Controller.  This dual channel controller offers signal conditioning for all DC, AC & Thermocouple type sensors utilizing (2) 24 bit A/D Converters.  Standard features include IEEE-488, RS232, and programmable/scalable analog output.  Information on the cryogenic temperature instrumentation and temperature sensor products manufactured by SI will also be highlighted.



Visit Springer to save 20% (or more) on world-leading books on low-temperature physics, superconductors, laser cooling and trapping, and more.  Plus, get a free copy of any Springer journal on display and find out about SpringerLink and Springer's free email alert service.



STAR Cryoelectronics offers advanced LTS and HTS dc SQUID sensors, high-performance PC-based SQUID readout electronics (pcSQUIDTM), the popular Mr. SQUID® Educational Demonstration System, custom dc SQUID design and thin-film fabrication services, cryogenic detectors, cryogenic dewars, and custom SQUID systems.


Sunpower is a 31-year old R&D and manufacturing company specializing in free-piston stirling cryocoolers and engines and linear compressor.  Sunpower manufactures the low cost high performance CryoTel cryocooler line developed for both climate controlled and harsh environments.



VeriCold Technologies GMBH offers low-vibration cryogen-free cooling solutions down to mK range.  Products include Pulse Tube Coolers (PTC), 4 K cryostats, 3He sorption coolers, Adiabatic Demagnetisation Refrigerators (ADR), and 3He/4He dilution refrigerators.  The analytics product line features high resolution X-ray spectrometers for material characterization applications.

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