Researcher Use of the Microkelvin Laboratory
The Microkelvin Laboratory is open to all qualified users from US or international institutions. Magnet time is awarded based on research proposals submitted by potential users. The proposals should outline the scientific goals of the proposed experiments, the justification of the use of the specialized facility, and a summary of relevant preliminary work and sample characterization at higher temperatures where applicable. For full guidelines for submitting proposals see:

Each proposal is reviewed by external scientists for scientific merit and by local facility faculty for feasibility. The specific schedule of the experiment is set by the local committee and technical communications is established with local staff members. There are no user fees for carrying out experiments at the High B/T Facility.

Setting up an Experiment
Once a magnet schedule is assigned, the principal investigator of the user group will interact with a local scientist on the design and assembly of the experiment. When the experimental set-up has been approved by the staff, the Director of the Microkelvin Lab notifies the user of the final schedule for the experiment. For short-term experiments, users are recommended to reserve accommodations at the Reitz Union, which provides parking. The Reitz Union also houses a food court and other facilities for the convenience of users and visitors.
Conducting an Experiment

When conducting an experiment, the user group must observe all the safety precautions required by the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and the University of Florida. Prior to carrying out an experiment, all members of the user group planning to conduct an experiment must pass the safety training provided by the Tallahassee site of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

On the first day of their visit Users are introduced to the facility and its layout and the safety precautions for working in the area (use of O2 sensors, covering of all pits, location of safety goggles and tools and exits in case of a magnet quench etc.). Access to the Microkelvin Laboratory is limited to authorized personnel who will be provided with a coded swipe access card for entry.

All users must comply with the flowing safety instructions:

1. No user may transfer cryogenic fluids.

2. No user may charge or discharge any magnets in the facility.

3. All undergraduate students must be accompanied by a supervising faculty or a staff member at all times.

4. Users may not be present in the lower floor area when the dewars or electromagnetic shields ("socks”) are being raised or lowered and when the pit covers are temporarily open. Many experiments take several months to complete and it is possible for a user group to arrange for automated data taking with the assistance of the Microkelvin Laboratory staff. The data are recorded on dedicated systems unique to each experimental station.

Conclusion of an Experiment
At the conclusion of an experiment, the principal investigator of the experiment is asked to complete a brief report summarizing the important features and results of the experiment. For especially noteworthy results, the investigators may be asked to prepare a one-page highlight to be forwarded by the Director of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory to the National Science Foundation. In addition we ask the principal investigator to comment on the experiences of his/her user group and any specific suggestions for improvement of the facility operations or recommendations for improved safety procedures.
Reports and Publishing

The Microkelvin Laboratory adheres to the NHMFL Data Management and Sharing Policy regarding publication and dissemination of data obtained at the facility and will ensure that the NHMFL Data Management and Sharing Policy continues to be aligned with the policy applied to NSF single investigator grants, as the NHMFL user community consists primarily of researchers supported by traditional single investigator grants.

The control of raw data files and rights to the data are retained by the Principal Investigator (PI) for the experiment. The PI has full control of the use of the data, including its publication in the refereed literature. The PI is responsible for adhering to the policies and procedures of their funding agency.

As a user service the Microkelvin Laboratory uses external back-up recording devices on all computers employed for data taking at each station of the facility. The data will be kept for a period of up to and will not be shared without express permission of the Principal Investigator.

Principal investigators on all experiments are expected to publish their data in the scientific literature and to prepare short reports that can be made available to the National Science Foundation or to review committees seeking information on scientific highlights of NHMFL activities.

Acknowledgements of the use of the High B/T Facility should add the following note in publications:

A portion of this work was performed at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory High B/T Facility, which is supported by National Science Foundation Cooperative Agreement No. DMR-1644779, the State of Florida, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

The National Science Foundation requires that the NHMFL collects and reports the scientific activities of the laboratory. Users and faculty are encouraged to report these activities as they occur throughout the year, but they must be reported by year-end via .

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