PHZ 6607 -- Special and General Relativity -- Fall 2016

PHZ 6607 — Special and General Relativity — Fall 2016

Course: PHZ 6607, Special and General Relativity, Class Hours: MWF Period 10, NPB 1216
Instructor: J. N. Fry, Office: 2172, Phone: 392-6692, e-mail, Office Hours: MWF 3:00–4:00   [Schedule]
Grader: Luyi Yan, Office: 1133, Phone: 273-4643, e-mail: yan88130[at], Office Hour: TBA

Course Description:
PHZ 6607 is the first semester of the introduction to relativity.. Outline of topics to be covered and approximate order includes:

Grades will be based on periodic homework sets, two of which will be dignified as a take-home midterm [solution] [distribution] and final exam, due 6:00pm, Tuesday, December 13. [solution] [distribution]


Other useful books:

Are There Any Good Books on Relativity Theory?
How many people understand Einstein's theory?


Class Diary


Introduction to Cosmology Videos


  1. Homework 1. Due Friday September 2. Solution
  2. Homework 2. Due Friday September 9. Solution
  3. Homework 3. Due Friday September 23. Solution
  4. Homework 4. Due Friday October 7. Solution
  5. Homework 5. Due Friday October 14. Solution
  6. Homework 6. Due Friday November 4. Solution
  7. Homework 7. Due Friday November 18. Solution

    Midterm Exam. Due 6:00pm, Friday October 21. Solution
    Final Exam. Due 6:00pm, Tuesday, December 13. Solution

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