This page contains selected lecture notes and in-class presentations

Lecture notes

Solid State I:
Lecture notes: Dirac-Kronig-Penney model
Lecture notes: Double-well and tight-binding models (pdf)
Lecture notes: Perturbation theory and nearly-free electron model (pdf)
Lecture notes: Lattice dynamics: phonon density of states, van Hove singularities, amplitude of atomic vibrations
Lecture notes: diamagnetism of free electrons
Lecture notes: Boltzmann theory of electron transport
Lecture notes: Thermoelectric power

Solid State II:
Lecture notes: Kohn anomaly and Friedel oscillations
Lecture notes: Hartree-Fock theory
Lecture notes: Electron-electron interactions and the Fermi-liquid theory
Lecture notes: Transport mechanisms in metals. Electron-phonon interaction.
Lecture notes: Edge-state picture of Integer Quantum Hall Effect
Lecture notes: Boltzmann equation for electron-impurity sctattering
Lecture notes: BCS Theory
Lecture notes: Josephson effect
Class presentation: Isotope effect. Unconventional superconductivity

Experimental results shown during the lectures and lecture presentations

Solid State I
History of Solid State Physics
Experiment: Quantum magneto-oscillations and Integer Quantum Hall effect
Fermi surfaces of real metals
Types of band structure: Metals, Insulators, Semi-metals
Crystal structure
Tight-binding model in 1D and 2D; Bloch oscillations
Periodic Table
Experiment: Temperature dependence of the resistivity and Hall constants in semiconductors

Solid State II
Experiment: Effective mass renormalization in 2D electron gases
Experiment: Fermi-liquid vs non-Fermi-liquid metals
Experiment: Collective modes (zero sound and spin waves) in Fermi liquids
Experiment/computation: Wigner crystals
Presentation: Boltzmann equation for electron-phonon scattering
Presentation: Bandstructure of several semiconductors
Presentation: Spin-orbit interaction in semiconductors
Experiment:  Quantum-interference effects in transport

Original journal articles and reviews

Review article: Yu. M, Tsipenyuk, Zero point energy and zero point oscillations:  how they are detected experimentally, Physics-Uspekhi v. 55, 796-807 (2012) (accessible via UF library)
Mermin's derivation of the Debye-Waller factor (J. Math. Phys 7, 1038 (1966)
Review on thermal conductivity of insulators: G. A. Slack, Solid State Physics:Advances in Research and applications v. 34, pp. 1-71 (1979)
Review on negative thermal expansion in solids (available on-line via UF library):
Barrera et al 2005 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 17 R217




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