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Welcome to the Animated 3D Molecular Dynamics Visualization page! You can visualize the simulations from any view points!

If you have a VRML 2.0 browser/plug-in, you can view our 3D animations.

Projects :

  • Chain of H2O plus a NH4, data are provided by Professor Hai-Ping Cheng. :

  • NEW Version! New and better verion, made with 3D Movie Player : 1180 frames (222K).
  • WITH Chemical Bonds but not movie controls. Please choose one according to your hardware :
  • 30 frames
  • 160 frames (29K, for low-end computers)
  • 360 frames
  • 960 frames (145K, for high-end computers)
  • 2360 frames.
  • H2O+H+H2O (26K) : interaction of 2 water molecule thru a hydrogen atom. Data are provided by Professor Hai-Ping Cheng. :

  • How do we do it?

    Steps to create animated 3D visualizations :

  • Trajectories of atoms are obtained from molecular dynamics simulations. This is where most hard work is done. I obtained data from other people.
  • The simulation data is then passed thru the md2vrml converter, which is written to convert MD data to VRML.
  • Add user interface.
  • Steps to create 2D movies : (Not ready yet. Beleive it or not, with the help of 3D Movie Player and md2vrml converter, 3D movies are easier to make than the 2D ones.)

  • The same set of molecular dynamics data is used.
  • Pass the data thru Data Explorer (DX).
  • Pass the output images thru a movie encoder, such as the premier.

  • Suggestions and Comments? email

    Last update : 26th Sep, 1999.

    Copyright © 1999 Tat Sang Choy