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Electromagnetism 2

I reserve the right to give in-class, pop-quizzes at any time. The purpose of these is to discourage skipping class and also to motivate students to keep up with material. There will be no makeups; students with valid excuses will receive credit based upon their performance on the relevant exam.

The two exams and any quizzes will account for 60% of the course grade. The final quiz will account for another 10% of the course grade.

Both exams, any quizzes and the final quiz will be closed book, with no notes.

Exam questions will be taken from the problems at the end of each chapter. You can find worked out solutions for ALL problems at:
Solutions Manual

Exam #1:
Monday, 10/07:  8:20-10:10pm in NPB 1002.
Covers Chapters 7-9.
Text of Exam #1
Solutions to Exam #1

Exam #2:
Monday, 12/02:  8:20-10:10pm in NPB 1002.
Covers Chapters 10-12.
Text of Exam #2
Solutions to Exam #2

Final Quiz:
Wednesday, 12/04:  in class.
Consists of three EM 2 problems from old GRE exams.
GRE from 1986
GRE from 1992
GRE from 1996
GRE from 2001
Text and solutions of final quiz