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Jackman, Charles 1978 Chair: Alex Green "Spatial and Energetic Aspects of Electron Energy Deposition"
Jaen, Jang 1966 Chair: Arthur Broyles "The WKB Approximation for the Quantum Radial Distribution Function"
Jaszczak, Ronald 1968 Chair: D. Swanson Co-Chair: Francis Dunnam "A Study of the Radiative Capture of 4He by 12C Below 4 MeV"
Jeen, Hyoung Jeen 2011 Chair: Amlan Biswas "Magnetoelectric Effects in Manganites"
Ji, Yu 2012 Chair: Neil Sullivan "NMR Studies of Quantum Gases Confined in Mesoporous Materials"
Jindariani, Sergo 2007 Chair: Andrey Korytov "Fragmentation of Jets Produced in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at a Center-of-Mass Energy 1.96 TeV"
Johnson, Douglas 1980 Chair: Stephen Gottesman "A Study of the Interstellar Medium in NGC 185 and other Early-Type Galaxies"
Jones, June 1953 Chair: R. Williamson Co-Chair: M. Gordon "A Variational Procedure for Improving the Born Approximation as Applied to the Scattering of Electrons by Hydrogen Atoms"
Jones, Mark 1953 Chair: John Flowers "Biophysical Aspects of Plant Tissue Cultures"
Jones, Michael 1997 Chair: James Fry "Large-Scale Structure of the Universe: Simulation and Statistics"
Joyce, Robert 1986 Chair: Charles Hooper "Asymmetries in plasma line broadening"
Junkel, Gwyneth 2000 Chair: Charles Hooper "Second-order, full Coloumb electron broadening calculations for multi-electron radiators in hot, dense plasmas: a focus on dense plasma line shifts"


Kahya, Emre 2008 Chair: Richard Woodard "Quantum Gravitational Correction to Scalar Field Equations during Inflation"
Kanev, Youli 1998 Chair: Richard Field "Application of Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms in High Energy Physics"
Kar, Deepak 2008 Chair: Richard Field "Using Drell-Yan to Probe the Underlying Event in Run II at Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF)"
Kemper, Lex 2010 Chair: Hai-Ping Cheng "Computational studies of strongly correlated electronic systems"
Kendall, Harry 1961 Chair: John Flowers "A Study of the Time Lag of Gas Breakdown in Reversed Electric

Kennedy, David 1969 Chair: Thomas Carr "Polarization of the Decametric Radiation from Jupiter"
Keszthelyi, Bettina 1993 Chair: Pierre Ramond "Gravitational Models in 2 + 1 Dimension with Topological Terms and Thermo-Field Dynamics of Black Holes"
Keyser, Ronald 1970 Chair: Richard Blue "A Study of Oxygen-17 Via Helium-3 Bombardment of Carbon-14"
Khan, Abu Mohammed 2004 Chair: Pierre Ramond "The Continuous Spin Representations of the Poincare and Super-Poincare Groups and Their Construction by Inonu-Wigner Group Contraction"
Khan, Ashfaq 1963 Chair: Arthur Broyles "A Comparison of the Radial Distribution Functions of Fluid Argon Computed with the Percus-Yevick and CHNC Inegral Equations using (1) the Guggenheim McGlashan and (2) the Leenard-Jones Potentials"
Kilcrease, David 1991 Chair: Charles Hooper "Higher order microfield effects on spectral line broadening in dense plasmas"
Killian, David 1978 Chair: Stephen Gottesman "Tidal Interactions Between M81, M82, and NGC 3077"
Kim, Chang 1989 Chair: James Dufty "Boundary Value Problems in Nonequilibrium Fluids"
Kim, Dong-Hoon 2005 Chair: Steven Detweiler "Radiation Reaction in Curved Spacetime"
Kim, Jaewan 1995 Chair: Pierre Sikivie "Small Scale Structure on Relativistic Strings"
Kim, Jung Soo 1992 Chair: Greg Stewart "Doping Experiments in Heavy Fermion Superconductors"
Kim, Kiho 1996 Chair: Neil Sullivan "NMR Studies of the Orientational Behavior of Quantum Solid Hydrogen Films Adsorbed on Boron Nitride"
Kim, Sung-Soo 2008 Chair: Pierre Ramond "Light-Cone Formulation of Maximally Supersymmetric Theories in Superspace"
Kim, Sungsu 2011 Chair: Neil Sullivan "A study of nuclear spin relaxation in isotopic mixture of dilute 3He in solid 4He using NMR"
Kim, Weonwoo 1995 Chair: Greg Stewart "Doping Experiments on Magnetic Heavy Fermion Superconductors"
Kim, Young 1986 Chair: "Far-infrared Absorption by Small Particles"
Kim, Younghak 2011 Chair: Yasumasa Takano "Phase Transitions, Thermodynamics, and Magnetism of the Low-Dimensional Antiferromagnets Cr(diethylenetriamine)(O2)2H2O and (CH3)2CHNH3CuCl3"
Kin-Chue 1974 Chair: Arthur Broyles "Integral Equations and Distribution Functions for Hyperdense Plasmas and a Local Exchange-Correlation Approximation for Many-Electron Systems"
Kleppe, Gary 1991 Chair: Ramond Pierre "Reparametrization Invariant Operators in String Field Theory"
Klironomos, Alexios 2003 Chair: Alan Dorsey "Structural Transitions of the Vortex Lattice in Anisotropic Superconductors and Fingering Instability of Electron Droplets in an Inhomogeneous Magnetic Field"
Klironomos, Filippos 2005 Chair: Alan Dorsey "Tunneling between Two Dimensional Electron Systems in a High Magnetic Field and Crystalline Phases of a Two Dimensional Electron System in a Magnetic Field"
Knight, John 1954 Chair: Harold Hanson "Investigations in Homopolar and Ionic Binding Through the Technique of X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy"
Knowles, Elisabeth 2013 Chair: Mark Meisel "Strain-Mediated Photomagnetic Effects in Heterostructured Nanoparticles of Prussian Blue Analogues"
Kong, Kyoungchul 2006 Chair: Konstantin Matchev “Phenomenology of Universal Extra Dimensions”
Koo, Changhyun 2011 Chair: David Tanner Co-Chair: Stephen Hill "High Frequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of the Anisotropy of Molecular Magnets and a Spin Dimer Compound"
Kotov, Khristian 2010 Chair: Darin Acosta "A comprehensive study of perturbative and non-perturbative quantum chromodynamics in measurements of the underlying event and the transverse momentum of the Z boson with the CMS detector at the LHC"
Koukis, Dimitrios 2011 Chair: David Tanner "Transmittance and Reflectance Spectroscopy of Diffractive Optical Device"
Krausche, Dolores 1975 Chair: George Lebo "High Resolution Spectral Analyses of the Jovian Decametric Radiation"
Krishan, Kamala 1966 Chair: Thomas Scott "Thermal Expansion in Dilute Solid Solutions"
Kummer, Raymond 1975 Chair: Dwight Adams "Effects of a magnetic field on nuclear spin ordering in solid 3He
Kwak, In Hae 2016 Chair: Amlan Biswas "Phase Separation in Strained La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 Thin Films"
Kypreos, Nick 2013 Chair: Ivan Furic "Search for Heavy Narrow Resonances Decaying to Dimuons with the CMS Detector"


Lado, Fred 1964 Chair: Arthur Broyles "New Methods of Computing Radial Distribution Functions of Fluids"
Lamborn, Bjorn 1962 Chair: D. Lafferty "Interaction in Beam-Plasma Systems"
Lane, Brian 2008 Chair: Kevin Ingersent "Conductances in the Two-Impurity Anderson Model"
Lang, Tien Vu 1996 Chair: Dwight Adams "Direct nuclear demagnetization of high density body-centered-cubic (BCC) and hexagonial-close-packed (HCP) solid 3He"
LaVeigne, Joseph 1999 Chair: David Tanner "Time resolved infrared spectroscopy at the NSLS U12IR beamline"
Lawrence, Jonathan 2007 Chair: Stephen Hill "Comprehensive High Frequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of Single Molecule Magnets"
Leacock, Robert 1971 Chair: Alex Smith "An Extended Analysis of Certain Features of Jupiter's Decametric Emission"
Lebo, George 1964 Chair: Alex Smith "Decameter-Wavelength Radio Observations of the Planets in 1962"
Lee, James 1994 Chair: John Klauder "The Complex Langevin Equation"
Lee, Jinho 2009 Chair: David Reitze "Dense Quantized Magneto-Plasmas in High Magnetic Fields Probed by Ultrafast Lasers"
Lee, Joon 1966 Chair: Arthur Broyles "A Product-Pair Ground State Wave Function for He4"
Lee, Mirim 1997 Chair: Jim Dufty "Uniform shear flow far from equilibrium"
Lee, Namkyoung 1997 Chair: Obukhov Sergei "Conformational properties of polymers"
Lee, Richard 1970 Chair: Charles Hooper "A Green's Function Formulation of Spectral Line Broadening in Plasmas"
Leonard, Katie 2013 Chair: Richard Woodard "Graviton Corrections to Vacuum Polarization during Inflation"
Li, Choy 1975 Chair: John Connolly "Hellmann-Feynman Forces and Dipole Moments using Multiple-Scattering X Alpha Wavefunctions for Diatomic Molecules"
Li, Funming 1979 Chair: James Brookeman "Nuclear Resonance of O17 in Liquid and Solid Carbon Monoxide"
Li, Jianzhong 1997 Chair: Christopher Stanton "Electronic, optical and transport properties of widegap II-VI semiconductors"
Li, Xiangguo 2014 Chair: Hai-Ping Cheng "Magnetism and Electron Transport at Nano Scale"
Lin, Hsinjung 2012 Chair: Katia Matcheva "The Zonal Mean Structure of Clouds and Haze on Saturn from Cassini/CIRS Observations"
Lin, Ying 1988 Chair: Neil Sullivan "Theory of Nuclear Magnetism of Solid Hydrogen at Low Temperatures"
Lipofsky, Barton 1970 Chair: Alex Green "Single Scattering of Light by Polydispersed Aerosols"
Little, Jeffrey Scott 2007 Chair: John Klauder "Quantization of Constraints Using the Projection Operator Formalism"
Liu, Bo 2010 Chair: Andrew Rinzler "Carbon Nanotube Enabled Vertical Field Effect Transistors and Their Device Derivatives"
Liu, Hsiang-Lin 1997 Chair: David Tanner "Effects of High Magnetic Field and Substitutional Doping on Optical Properties of Cuprate Superconductors"
Liu, Junjie 2012 Chair: David Tanner Co-Chair: Stephen Hill "Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of Symmetry Enforced Quantum Tunneling in Molecule-Based Magnets"
Liu, Rongliang 2004  Chair: Christopher Stanton "Theoretical Studies of Coherent Optic and Acoustic Phonons in GaN/
InGaN Heterostructures"

Liu, Shu-Chen 2007 Chair: Gary Ihas "Quantum Turbulence: Decay of Grid Turbulence in a Dissipationless Fluid"
Logue, Laurence 1968 Chair: Alex Green Co-Chair: Bernard Chern "Comparison of the Usual Fermi Function for a Point Nucleus with a Field Theoretic Perturbative Calculation to Z2OC2"
Long, Chang 2016 Chair: David Tanner "Optical properties of metallic 2-D and 3-D terahertz metamaterials"
Low, Jia Fu 2015 Chair: Jacobo Konigsberg "Higgs Searches with Bottom Quarks and Invisible Particles"
Lowther, Rex 1980 Chair: Arthur Broyles "Monte Carlo Calculation of the Born-Oppenheimer Potential Between Two Helium Atoms"
Lungu, Gheorghe 2007 Chair: Jacobo Konigsberg "Measurement of the Top Quark Mass in the All Hadronic Channel at the Tevatron
Lutsko, James 1986 Chair: Jim Dufty "Nonequilibrium fluctuations and transport in sheared fluids"
Lynch, Michel 1972 Chair: Thomas Carr "Observations of Jupiter's Decametric Radiation with a Very-Long Baseline Interferometer"


Majumdar, Kingshuk 1999 Chair: Selman Hershfield "Study of Transport Properties in Magnetic Nanostructures"
Mallik, Aditi 2005 Chair: James Dufty "Multi-Scale Modeling of Solids as a Composite of Quantum Mechanical (QM) and Classical Mechanical (CM) Domains"
Maloney, Frank 1977 Chair: Stephen Gottesman "Lunar Occultation Observations of the Crab Nebula"
Manalaysay, Aaron 2009 Chair: John Yelton "Response of Liquid Xenon to Low-Energy Ionizing Radiation and its Use in the XENON10 Dark Matter Search"
Manescu, Cornelius 2004 Chair: Jeff Krause "Controlling and Probing Atoms and Molecules with Ultrafast Laser Pulses"
Mao, Jintong 1987 Chair: Raymond Andrew "Selective Radio Frequency Pulses by Optimal Control"
Marakov, Alex 2015 Chair: Gary Ihas "The Visualization of Quantum Turbulence in Superfluid $^4$He"
Marcet, Zsolt 2012 Chair: David Tanner Co-Chair: HoBun Chan "Resonant Excitation of Metallic Structures by Incident Electromagnetic Waves"
Marchetti, Maria 1982 Chair: James Dufty "Fluctuations in Systems Far from Equilibrium"
Margankunte, Naveen 2008 Chair: David Tanner "Infrared Spectroscopy of Complex Oxides of Phase Separated Manganites and Electron Doped Cuprates"
Martin, Gregory 2005 Chair: Dimitrii Maslov “Quantum Magneto-Oscillations in Two-Dimensional, Disordered, Interacting, Electron Systems”
Martin, John 1967 Chair: Thomas Bailey "Experimental Investigations of Negative Ion Collisions: Electron Detachment and Ion-Molecule Reactions"
Martins, Donald 1974 Chair: Frank Wood "Ubvri Photometry of Variable Red Dwarf Emission Objects"
Mason, David 1968 Chair: Alex Green "Proton-Proton Bremsstrahlung"
Matsunaga, Naoki 2000 Chair: Dwight Adams "Magnetic Susceptibility and Pressure Measurements in Helium-Three Nano-Clusters"
Matzkanin, George 1966 Chair: Thomas Scott "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Metals"
McCarthy, Kevin 2002 Chair: Art Hebard "Magnetocapacitance: a probe of spin dependent potentials"
McCarty, Tom 1990 Chair: Pierre Ramond "A Collection of Theoretical Problems in High Energy Physics"
McBroom, Robert 1977 Chair: Henry Weller "Proton Radiative Capture by Tritium Below 30 MeV"
McCormick, Larry 1979 Chair: Henri A. V. Rinsvelt Co-Chair: F. Eugene Dunnam "Particle Induced X-Ray Emission Study of Rod Outer Segment Disc Membranes"
McEnnan, James 1970 Chair: Arthur Broyles "A Dispersion Theory of the Lamb Shift"
McEnnan, Marilyn 1971 Chair: Thomas Scott "Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Frequency and Line Shape in Isotopic Mixtures of Solid Alpha-Nitrogen"
McGimsey, Ben 1974 Chair: Alex Smith "Optical Brightness and Polarization of Quasars and Related Objects"
McMahan, William 1966 Chair: Stanley Ballard "Investigation of the Scattering of Laser Light by a Plasma"
McMillan, Robert 1974 Chair: Ralph Isler "Optical and Paramagnetic Resonance Absorption Spectra of Chromium in Yttrium Aluminum Garnet"
McPeters, Richard 1975 Chair: Alex Green "Scattered Sunlight in the Atmosphere, from the Middle Ultraviolet through the near Infrared"
McWaters, Marcus 1966 Chair: Alexander Bednarek "Cohomology for normal spaces"
Messaritaki, Eirini 2003 Chair: Steven Detweiler "Radiation Reaction on Moving Particles in General Relativity"
Menard, Albert 1974 Chair: Dwight Adams "The Thermodynamic Pressure in Superfluid Helium and its Implications for the Phonon Dispersion Curve"
Mendez-Placido, Ruben 1988 Chair: Arthur Broyles "An Approximate Vertex Amplitude from the Schwinger-Dyson Equations of Quantum Electrodynamics"
Miao, Shun-Pei 2007 Chair: Richard Woodard The Fermion Self-Energy during Inflation
Miao, Xiaochang 2013 Chair: Arthur Hebard "Graphene/Semiconductor Schottky Devices and Their Photovoltaic Applications"
Mickel, Patrick 2011 Chair: Arthur Hebard "'Soft Electronic Matter', Magnetoelectric Coupling, and Multiferroism in Complex Oxides"
Mikaelian, Samuel 1996 Chair: Charles Thorn "Phenomenological Aspects of the Standard Model: High Energy QCD, Renormalization, and a Supersymmetric Extension"
Miller, Hugh 1970 Chair: Alex Smith "Jupiter's Decametric Flux: A Consistent Two-Dimensional Analysis, 1957-1970"
Miller, Kevin 2013 Chair: David Tanner "Infrared study of magnetic and electric excitations in novel complex oxides"
Miller, Lewis 1971 Chair: Alex Green "Relativistic Self-Consistent Field Calculations Per Nuclei"
Milton, James 1966 Chair: Thomas Scott "Pressure Dependence of Magnetic Transitions"
Mintmire, John 1980 Chair: Jack Sabin "An LCAO local density functional approach to surface electronic structure calculations"
Mirshamsi, Sahar 2014 Chair: Hai-Ping Cheng "Water Confinement in Nano-Pores and Its Transport Properties"
Mishra, Vivek 2011 Chair: Peter Hirschfeld "Fluctuation, Disorder and Inhomogeneity in Unconventional Superconductors"
Misra, Rajiv 2009 Chair: Art Hebard "Experiments on Electron Interaction and Localization in Disordered Magnetic Thin Films"
Mitra, Partha 2006 Chair: Art Hebard “Disorder, Itinerant Ferromagnetism, and the Anomalous Hall Effect in Two Dimensions”
Mitryk, Shawn 2012 Chair: Guido Mueller "Laser Noise Mitigation through Time Delay Interferometry for Space Based Gravitational Wave Interferometers Using The University of Florida Laser Interferometry Simulator"
Mixson, Daniel 2005 Chair: Greg Stewart "Differing Roles of Disorder: Non-Fermi-Liquid Behavior in UCu5-xNix and Curie Temperature Enhancement in UCu2Si2-xGex (note subscripts in formulas)"
Miyamoto, Satoru 1995 "Torsion Pendulum Studies of 4He in Nanopores"
Moon, Byoung Hee 2010 Chair: Yoonseok Lee "Study on the effects of anisotropic disorder on superfluid 3He in high porosity aerogel using longitudinal ultrasound"
Moore, Harold 1956 Chair: M. Gordon "Deuteron Stripping Reactions on Carbon and Oxygen: A Comparison of Theory and Experiment"
Moore, Sean 1999 Chair: John Graybeal "Optical properties of lamellar copper oxides with in-plane magnetic and charged impurities"
Moores, Mark 2001 Chair: David Reitze "Adaptive control of the propagation of ultrafast light through random and nonlinear media"
Mora, Pedro 2014 Chair: Richard Woodard "Graviton Propagation During Inflation"
Morgan, Thomas 1972 Chair: Alex Smith "Fluid Dynamics of Circumstellar Material Associated with Be Stars"
Morrow, John 1934 Chair: W. Beesler "The Dielectric Constant of Benzene"
Mousseau, Joel 2015 Chair: Heather Ray "First Search for the EMC Effect and Nuclear Shadowing in Neutrino Nucleus Deep Inelastic Scattering at Minerva"
Moyland, Paul 1997 Chair: Yasumasa Takano "Nuclear magnetism and negative temperatures in silver"
Mueller, Chris 2014 Chair: Guido Mueller "Techniques for Resonant Optical Interferometry with Applications to the Advanced LIGO Gravitational Wave Detectors"
Mueller, Robert 1976 Chair: Dwight Adams "Nuclear magnetic resonance in flowing superfluid 3He-A"
Mullen, Elisabeth 1974 Chair: Kwan-Yu Chen "The Formation of a Contact Binary Star System"
Mullen, Joseph 1972 Chair: Thomas Bailey Co-Chair: Billy Thomas "Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Low-Energy Molecular Collision Phenomena"
Muniz, Lana 2014 Chair: John Yelton "Search for New Physics in Same-Sign Dilepton Events in the CMS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider"
Murray, Lambert 1977 Chair: Ralph Isler "Optical Studies of Ion-Molecule Collisions: N2+ + O2"
Murphy, John 1958 Chair: M. Gordon "Investigations into the Theory of High Energy Accelerators"
Mytidis, Antonis 2015 Chair: Bernard Whiting "Constraining the R-Mode Saturation Amplitude from a Hypothetical Detection of R-Mode Gravitational Waves from a Newborn Neutron Star: Detection Strategies and Machine Learning Algorithms"


Nakayama, Tomoyuki 2011 Chair: Khandker Muttalib "Beta Function of Anderson Localization Transition in Three Dimensions at Unitary Symmetry" Narayanan, Ranjani 2009 Chair: Stephen Hagen "Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopic Studies of Rate-Limiting Events in Protein Folding and Binding"
Nasrollahi, Zahra 2014 Chair: David Tanner Spectroscopoic Studies of Polymers in Transmissive/Absorptive Electrochromic Devices, and Doped Graphite
Natarajan, Aravind 2007 Chair: Pierre Sikivie Inner Caustics of Cold Dark Matter Halos
Nathan, Richard 1971 Chair: Ralph Isler "Optical Excitation from Low Energy He+ + H2 and H2 + He Collisions"
Necula, Valentin 2006 Chair: Guenakh Mitselmakher Co-Chair: Jacobo Konigsberg “Search for Heavy Resonances Decaying into tt Pairs”
Nelander, James 1974 Chair: Raymond Pepinsky "Structural Studies of Artificial and Biological Membranes by Small-Angle X-Ray Diffraction"
Nesbitt, Jeremy 2006 Chair: Art Hebard “Aging in Tunnel Junctions and Magnetocapacitance of Semiconductors”
Ni, Wenhai 1994 Chair: Dwight Adams "Melting pressure thermometry and magnetically order solid 3He"
Ni, Wenhua 1997 Chair: Thomas Mareci Co-Chair: Edward Andrews "Design of Novel RF Coils for Signal-to-Noise Ratio Improvement in NMR"
Nikolou, Maria 2005 Chair: David Tanner “In-situ Spectroscopic Studies of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Conjugated Polymers in Electrochromic Devices”
Ninios, Konstantinos 2011 Chair: Yasumasa Takano Co-Chair: Ho Bun Chan "Development of micromechanical magnetometers for measuring magnetization at high magnetic fields and low temperatures"
Nolan, Stanley 1962 Chair: John Flowers "Discharge Time Lags in the Magnetic Field"


O'Brien, John 1970 Chair: Charles Hooper "A Relaxation Theory of Stark Broadening of He II Lines in Plasmas"
O'Neil, Eric 2000 Chair: Henry Kandrup "Hamiltonian structure and stability of relativistic gravitational theories"
Oakley, Jennifer Ann 2005 Chair: Andrew Rinzler "Charge Induced Actuation in Carbon Nanotubes and Resistance Changes in Carbon Nanotube Networks"
Oksuzian, Yuri 2009 Chair: Jacobo Konigsberg "Search for Resonant Production of Top Antitop Pairs Decaying into Multi-Jets at the Collider Detector at Fermilab"
Olsson, Carl 1970 Chair: Alex Smith "Analytical Studies of Selected Jovian Decametric Phenomena"
Onemli, Vakif 2003 Chair: Pierre Sikivie "Gravitational Lensing by Dark Matter Caustics"
Ott, William 1971 Chair: Henry Weller "Alpha-Particle States in 19Ne and 15N"
Ottens, Richard 2014 Chair: David Tanner "A Study of Evanescent-Wave Heat Transfer in a Parallel Plane Geometry"
Ozarslan, Evren 2004 Chair: Tom Mareci "Developments in Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with Applications to Neural Tissue"

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