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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get involved in research?

Answer: Please read the information at the page for Undergraduate Research for UF Physics Majors.

  1. How do I register for Undergraduate Research (PHY4911)?

Answer: If you are conducting undergraduate research, first discuss with your research advisor about the number of credits (zero to 3) you require for the course. Your advisor will then contact our Undergraduate Coordinator to enroll you in the course. She will contact you directly with any additional instructions. Please register for research credits before the Add/Drop deadline since late add/drops of any credits can incur additional fees.

  1. How do I register for Laboratory Physics 1 and 2 (PHY4802L/PHY4803L)?

Answer: Send an email to our Undergraduate Assistant with the following information: name, UFID, course requested (PHY4802L/PHY4803L), preferred section if different options are available, and anticipated graduation date.  Our Undergraduate Coordinator will review all requests before the students are registered.

  1. How do I register for a graduate level course as an undergraduate?

Answer: Senior students that perform exceptionally well in their Physics courses may be allowed to take advanced graduate classes. You need to receive permission from the instructor to enroll in the course and have the instructor contact our Undergraduate Coordinator. He/she will review your request and if appropriate will enroll you in the course Individual Work (PHY4905). At the end of the semester, your instructor will assign you a grade for PHY4905 based on your performance in the graduate level course.

  1. How do I add or drop a course after the drop/add period has ended?

Answer: If you would like to add a course or switch your course sections, send an email to our Undergraduate Assistant to determine whether or not there are seats available to accommodate your request. If the Physics Dept. is able to accommodate the request, then request a late add or drop one the following website: https://student.ufl.edu/dropadd.html. If you are requesting to switch sections then you must submit two requests (a drop for your current section and an add request for the section in which you would like to enroll).

  1. I transferred to UF from another university and now I am unable to enroll in courses due to prerequisite issues. How do I proceed?

Answer: If you transferred from an in-state college/university please contact our Undergraduate Assistant for assistance. If you transferred from an out-of-state college/university please contact our Undergraduate Coordinator for assistance.