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Chemical Physics

Interdisciplinary research is increasingly important for the development of advanced materials and future nano-technology. The Quantum Theory Project is recognized as the world’s largest and arguably one of the top two or three groups in the area of computational and theoretical material physics and quantum chemistry.  QTP bridges the gap between Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the quest of new hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductors junctions, ultra-strong structural materials, and new biomaterials as well as molecular-nanoelectronics and photovoltaic devices. Biological physics includes molecular biophysics, biomedical imaging and detection, neurobiological physics, nanoscale biophysical studies, as well as genomics. Research in these areas has advanced tremendously through the work of physicists who apply techniques from soft condensed matter, computational science, imaging and optics, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, microfabrication, and nonlinear dynamics, as well as other fields. Researchers benefit from close interactions with the UF College of Medicine, the Evelyn and William McKnight Brain Institute, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, the Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences, and other centers.