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Alumni – PhD

Alumni YearChairCo-ChairTitle
Abhinav, SIddhartha2019 SpringMuttalib, KhandkerNon-Equilibrium Thermal Transport in Nanowires with Rough Surfaces
Ackley, Kendall2017 SpringEikenberry, StephenKlimenko, SergeiA Realistic End-To-End Analysis: an Optimized Procedure for Finding Elusive Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Wave Events
Adams, Altois1976Pepinsky, RaymondThe Magnetic Anisotropy of Sickled Erythrocytes
Adams, Johnny2023 SummerSullivan, NeilDynamics of 3He at Ultra Cold Temperatures
Agarwal, Nimit2013Fry, JamesHelium Segregation and Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
Agnese, Robert2017 SpringSaab, TarekSimulating the SuperCDMS Dark Matter Detector Response and Readout
Ahmad, Ejaz1996Ipser, JamesThe Spacetime Manifold of a Rotating Star
Akl, Hoda2023 FallLee, YoonseokCharacterizing Variability in Biological Systems through Approximate Density Estimation
Alam, Kazi2022 FallKhandker, MuttalibAnderson Transition and Random Matrix Ensembles
Amin, Manish2020 SummerMareci, TomAdvancements in Diffusion Weighted Imaging Acquisition and Analysis
Anand, Naween2015 FallTanner, DavidCharacterization of Electronic Systems through Optical and Transport Techniques
Ananth, Sudarshan2005Ramond, PierreMaximally Supersymmetric Theories in Light-Cone Superspace
Angle, Jesse2008Yelton, JohnBaudis, LauraGamma Background Studies for the Xenon Experiment Using a High-Purity Germanium Detector
Aoyama, Chris2015 SpringTakano, YasumasaExperimental Studies of Low Dimensional Quantum Antiferromagnets
Arason, Haukur1993Ramond, PierreRenormalization Group Analysis of the Standard Model, the Minimal Supersymmetric Extension of the Standard Model, and the standard model, and the effective action
Arenas, Daniel2009Tanner, DavidThe content of ETD will be sent to ProQuest/UMI at the end of the above embargo period
Ashrafi, Ali2013Maslov, DmitriiElectron-electron interactions in two-dimensional spin-orbit coupled systems
Austin, Terry1973Bailey, ThomasLow-Energy Scattering of He++ by Neon, Argon, and Krypton
Averill, Frank1971Conklin, JamesCalculation of the Total Energy of Cesium as a Function of Lattice Constant
Back, Christina1989Hooper, CharlesResonance Fluorescence in a Laser-Produced AL XII Plasma
Bailes, Allison1998Seiberling, ElizabethFlat or Lumpy: Surface Structure and Growth Modes in Silicon-Germanium Epitaxy
Baker, Brian2002Detweiler, StevenVariational principles in general relativity
Balaraman, Anand2007Fry, JamesCell Count Moments in the Halo Model
Banan, Guita2020 SummerMareci, TomDevelopment of a Multiband Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography Technique
Banik, Nilanjan2017 SummerSikivie, PierreRole of Axions in Structure Formation in the Universe
Bao, Yiliang2011Chan, Ho BunThe Casimir Force on Nanostructured Surfaces: Geometry and Finite Conductivity Effects
Barquist, Colin2020 SpringLee, YoonseokDesign, Development, Fabrication, and Measurement of Micro-Electromechanical Oscillators for the Study of Quantum Turbulence and Other Superfluid Properties
Barrow, Daniel2011Matcheva, KatiaAtmospheric Gravity Waves in the Stratosphere of Mars and the Ionospheres of Jupiter and Saturn
Baskaran, Aparna2006Dufty, JimStatistical Mechanics and Linear Response for a Granular Fluid
Basu, Shinjini2019 SummerWoodard, RichardFormalizing Cosmological Quantum Field Theory
Bates, Harry1969Isler, RalphNoncollinear Phase Matching Effects in Uniaxial Crystals
Bathurst, Corey2023 SummerSaab, TarekLow-Background Science with the next Generation SuperCDMS HV(eV) Dark Matter Detector
Becker, Michael1967Broyles, ArthurA Variational Approach to the Ground State Energy of the Electron Gas
Beksic, Dario1994Micha, DavidElectronically Diabatic Photodesorption of Molecules Adsorbed on metal surfaces
Bellum, John1976Micha, DavidElectronic and Dynamical Aspects of Diatomic Systems
Berg, Robert1983Ihas, GaryDispersion of 5 MHZ Zero Sound in Superfluid 3He Near Tc
Berke, Kara2013Hebard, ArthurGraphene Growth, Doping, and Characterization for Device Applications
Bhattacharyya, Shinibali2020 FallHirschfeld, PeterEffects of Electronic Correlations on Physical Properties of Unconventional Superconductors
Bhupathi, Pradeep2009Lee, YoonseokConstruction of an Ultralow Temperature Cryostat and Transverse Acoustic Spectroscopy in Superfluid Helium-3 in Compressed Aerogels
Billman, Chris2017 SpringCheng, Hai PingAtomistic and Electronic Modeling of Oxides
Blackburn, James1990Detweiler, StevenIpser, JamesThe Spiralling Binary Systems of Black Holes
Blass, Anatol2001Öhrn, YngveQuasiclassifcal and semiclassical methods in molecular scattering dynamics
Blecken, Carsten1997Muttalib, KhandkerDisordered Conductors in a Random Matrix Formulation and the Connection to complex systems
Block, Wilbur1965Smith, AlexSpectrum and origin of the Jovian radio burst structure
Bloomer, Raymond1973Chen, Kwan-YuPhotoelectric Investigations of AA Ceti and UZ Puppis
Boercker, David1978Dufty, JamesQuantum kinetic theory of time correlation functions
Boring, Arthur1968Slater, JohnA Study of the Band Structure of Sodium
Borkowski, Lech1995Hirschfeld, PeterImpurities in Unconventional Superconductors
Boshart, Mark1996Seiberling, ElizabethA Channeled Ion Energy Loss Study of the Surfactant-Mediated Growth of GE ON SI(100)
Bossart, Elizabeth1999Mareci, ThomasMagnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy for the Study of Translational Diffusion: Applications to Nervous Tissue
Boychev, Vladimir2001Tanner, DavidHebard, ArthurFar-infrared studies of superconducting thin films and Fabry-Perot resonators made of such films
Boyd, Gregory2010Hirschfeld, PeterThermodynamic and Transport Properties of Unconventional Superconductors and Multiferroics
Breva Newell, Luis2004Yelton, JohnDecays of the Upsilon(1S) into a Photon and Two Charged Hadrons
Brey, William1994Raymond, AndrewNovel Techniques for Pulsed Field Gradient NMR Measurements
Britton, Charles1977Adams, DwightNuclear magnetism of solid-helium three
Brooker, Daniel2018 SummerWoodard, RichardPrecision Predictions of Primordial Power Spectra
Brooker, Hampton1962Smith, AlexScott, ThomasNuclear Quadrupole Resonance in Indium Compunds
Brooks, Andrew2023 SummerZhang, XiaoguangFundamentals of Charge Transport in Nonconventional Semiconductors
Browder, James1967Ballard, StanleyStudies of the Thermal Expansion of Optical Materials at Low Temperatures
Brown, George1970Carr, ThomasLong Baseline Interferometry of Jupiter's Decametric Radiation
Brubaker, Gil2012Tanner, DavidAssembly of Spherical, Sub-Micron Stober Silica Spheres into Hexagonal Arrays in Ethoxylated Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate
Bruce, Adam2022 SpringCheng, Hai PingDensity Functional Theory-Based Modeling and Simulations of Transport and Interface Phenomena
Budzynski, Timothy1973Bailey, ThomasKinematic Studies Of Charge Transfer in Collisions Between Rare Gas Ions and Diatomic Molecules
Burdick, Stephen1980Broyles, ArthurMetallic Hydrogen--A Two-Body Approach to Band Theory and a Quatum Mechanical Test of Diophantine Methods
Burnham, Ralph1972Isler, RalphMeasurement of the Radiative Lifetimes of the V=1 and V=2 Levels of the A State of Carbon Monoxide
Burns, Michael2009Matchev, KonstantinModel-Independent Mass and Spin Determination for a Sequential Decay with a Jet and Two Leptons
Bush, Zachary2018 FallMueller, GuidoCoherent Detection of Ultra-Weak Electromagnetic Fields Using Optical Heterodyne Interferometry
Buvaev, Sanal2014 SummerHebard, ArthurMagnetotransport Study of Disordered Thin Films
Cao, Chao2008Cheng, Hai PingFirst-Principles and Multi-Scale Modeling of Nano-Scale Systems
Capone, Louis1973Prasad, S.Some Studies of the Jovian Upper Atmosphere
Carbon, Steve1993Thorn, CharlesSister Trajectories in String Theory
Carley, David1963Broyles, ArthurRadial Distribution Function of and Electron Gas
Carlton, Patrick1966Swanson, D.Dunnam, EugeneExcited Nuclear States of Sulfur and Argon Produced by 3-4 MeV Alpha Particles
Carnes, Andrew2018 SpringAvery, PaulA Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Decaying to Two Muons at the CMS Experiment
Carolan, James1969Scott, ThomasA Nuclear Relaxation Study of Molecular Motion in Liquid and Solid Ammonia
Carr, Roger1967Smith, AlexChen, K-YPhotoelectric Photometry of CZ Aquarii and UV Piscium
Carr, Thomas1958Smith, AlexStudies of Radio Frequency Radiations from the Planets
Carver, Matt2016 SummerAcosta, DarinA Search for New Physics Using Same-Sign Di-Lepton Events from Proton-Proton Collisions in the CMS Detector at a Center-of-Mass Energy of 13 TeV
Castano, Diego1993Ramond, PierreRenormalization Group Study of the Minimal Supersymmetric Extension of the Standard Model with Broken Supersymmetry
Castles, Stephen1973Adams, DwightSpecific heat of solid helium
Chacon, Monique1993Zerner, MichaelThe reduced-expended space method applied to electronic specroscopy
Chakrabarty, Sankha2019 SummerSikivie, PierreQuantum Effects in Axion Dark Matter and Caustic Rings
Champion, Roy1966Bailey, ThomasCollision-induced dissociation of D2 ions by argon and nitrogen
Chen, Gaoli2018 FallRamond, PierreThorn, CHarlesAspects of Discrete Flavor Symmetries and String Bits
Chatterton, Neil1961Smith, AlexSpectral Characteristics of the Radio-Frequency Outbursts of the Planet Jupiter
Chen,Dianteng2021 FallCheng, Hai PingComputational Investigations of Electronic Structure and Magnetic Couplings in Molecular Magnetic Systems
Chen,Hector2021 FallWhiting,BernardProgress on the Master Equation Approach to the Second-Order Self-Force
Chen, Minghan2005Tanner, DavidOptical Studies of High Temperature Superconductors and Electronic Dielectric Materials
Chen, Wei2008Hirschfeld, PeterDisorder and Correlations in Metallic Cuprates
Chen,Xiao2021 FallCheng,Hai PingA Few Electronic Structure Problems in Condensed Matter Physics and Approaches
Chen, Xiao2015 FallRinzler, AndrewSchottky Barrier Field Effect Transistors Using Highly Purified Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene as Field Permeable Electrodes
Chen, Yun-Wen2010Cheng, Hai Ping An Ab Initio Study of Alpha-Quartz (0001) Surface and Water-Silica Interface Interaction
Chen, Zhihong2003Rinzler, AndrewElectric Field Induced Transparency Modulation in Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Ultra-Thin Films and a Method to Separate Metallic and Semiconducting Nanotubes
Cheng, Mengxing2010Ingersent, KevinQuantum Phase Transitions of Magnetic Impurities in Dissipative Environments
Cheng, Tongguang2014 SpringMitselmakher, GuenkahKorytov, AndreyObservation of the Higgs Boson in $H\To ZZ\To 4\ell$ Channel and Its Mass and Width Measurement Using the CMS Detector at the LHC
Chilton, Andrew2019 SpringMueller, GuidoTechnology Development for the LISA Mission
Chia,Han-Yu2022 SpringTanner, DavidComplex Modulation and Its Applications
Choi, Hyunchang2007Lee, YoonseokAcoustic Study of Disordered Liquid 3He in High-Porosity Silica Aerogel
Choi, Jinmyung2010Muttalib, KhandkerRandom Matrix Ensembles with Soft-Confinement Potential
Choubey, Peayush2017 SpringHirschfeld, PeterTheoretical Visualization of Atomic-Scale Phenomena in Inhomogeneous Superconductors>
Chowdhury, Tathagata2015 FallIngersent, KevinA Study of Quantum Phase Transitions in Quantum Impurity Systems
Choy, William1967Scott, ThomasExperimental and Theoretical Aspects of 14N Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectroscopy
Choy,TatSang2001Hershfield, SelmanElectron transport theory in magnetic nanostructures
Christoph, Garrott1981Pepinsky, RaymondFluctuating and Deterministic Intramolecular Motion in Proteins
Chu, Iek-Heng2014 SummerCheng, Hai PingComputational Studies of Excited States and Electron Transfer in Nanoscale Materials
Chu, Mei-Fang1990Thorn, CharlesOperator Methods in Superstring Theory
Clark, Eugene1970Omer, GuyCarr, ThomasObservational Effects of Local Inhomogeneities in Cosmological Models
Clarke, Richard1971Dunnam, EugeneRadiative Alpha Capture in 32S, 34S, and 23Na
Collins, Thomas1964Lowdin, Per-OlavA Study of the Coefficients of the Spin Permutation Operators in the Effective Spin Hamiltonian
Colon-Perez, Luis2013Mareci, ThomasBrain networks and the topology of weighted networks
Connolly, John1966Slater, JohnThe Energy Band Structure of Ferromagnetic Nickel
Coombes, Harrison2023 SummerSaab, TarekSimulating the Detector Response and Producing Long-Term Sensitivity Projections for the SuperCDMS Experiment
Cooney, James2004Fry, JamesRotational Velocities in Large Scale Structure
Crisosto, Nicole2018 SummerTanner, DavidSearching for Low Mass Axions with an LC Circuit
Crowley, Michael1982Brookeman, JamesQuantum Effects in Isotopically Mixed Crystals of Hydrogen Chloride and Deuterium Chloride in the Ferroelectric Phase
Cruz, Alberto2005Field, RickUsing Max/Min Transverse Regions to Study the Underlying Event in Run2 at the Tevatron
Cruz, Rachel2006Mueller, GuidoReitze, DavidDevelopment of the UF LISA Benchtop Simulator for Time Delay Interferometry
Curry, David2017 FallFuric, IvanKonigsberg, JacoboMeasurement of the Standard Model Higgs Boson Produced in Association with a W or Z Boson and Decaying to Bottom Quarks
D'Alessio, Gregory1970Scott, ThomasPressure and Temperature Dependence of the Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Constant of 23Na in NaNO3
Da Silva, Rica1988Emch, GerardClassical Dynamics in Curved Space Dynamical Groups, C.C.R. and Geometric Quantization
Danese, John1973Slater, JohnSabin, JohnNon-Muffin-Tin Corrections to the Total Molecular Energy in the Multiple-Scattering X Alpha Method of Molecular Calculation
Das, Rajib2011Rinzler, AndrewEnhanced Utility of Carbon Nanotube Film-Morphology, Doping, Electrocatalysis and Energy Applications
Das, Ritesh2010Hebard, ArthurMagnetism in nanoscale materials, effect of finite size and dipolar interactions
Dasbiswas, Kinjal2012Dorsey, AlanThe role of defects in novel superfluid phenomena, mainly supersolid helium and cold gases
Datta, Saiti2009Hill, StephenStudying the Effects of Interplay between Anisotropy and Exchange in Molecular Nanomagnets
Davies, Chad1995Hunter, JamesNumerical modeling of large N galactic disk systems
Davis, Andrew2023 SummerWang, YuxuanNon-Fermi Liquid Physics and Chaos in Yukawa-SYK Models
Davis, Robert1971Omer, GuyStructure in Clusters of Galaxies
Debnath, Dipsikha2018 SummerMatchev, KonstantinGeneric and Sensitive Searches for New Physics
Deepak, Adarsh1969Green, AlexSecond and Higher Order Scattering of Light in a Settling Polydisperse Aerosol
Delamater, Norman1984Hooper, CharlesSpectroscopic Diagnostics of Laser Produced Plasmas
Delker, Thomas2001Reitze, DavidDemonstration of a prototype dual-recycled cavity-enhanced Michelson interferometer for gravitational wave detection
Deng, Lili2014 SpringIngersent, KevinAnderson Impurity Models with Bosons as Descriptions of Molecular Devices and Heavy-Fermion Systems
DeReggi, Aime1966Scott, ThomasStudies in Nuclear Relaxation
Desch, Michael1976Carr, ThomasGroundbased and Spacecraft Studies of Jupiter at Decameter and Hectometer Wavelengths
Dhakal, Tara2008Biswas, AmlanManipulating the Magnetic Domains of Hole-Doped Manganites by Using Electric Field
Dilanji, Gabriel2014 SpringHagen, StephenQuorum Regulation Over Long Distances: Sinorhizobium meliloti Surface Motility and Gene Regulation by Diffusing Autoinducer Signals
Divakarla, Atul2021 SummerWhiting, BernardMemory Effects in the Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Diz, Agustin1992Öhrn, YngvePhosphorus-31 NMR Spectroscopy of Human Osteosarcoma Cell Lines Implanted into Nude Mice : The Feasibility of Early Diagnosis of Chemotherapy Response and Resistance
Doda, David1980Green, AlexHooper, CharlesSurface Reflectance Measurements in the Ultraviolet from an Airborne Platform
Donelan, Darsa2016 FallMatcheva, KatiaThe Effects of Atmospheric Gravity Waves on the Atmosphere of Titan
Donivan, Fank1970Carr, ThomasRadio Investigations of Clusters of Galaxies
Donoghue, Evan2012Rinzler, AndrewOrganic Electronic Devices Using Graphene and Highly Purified Thin Films of Carbon Nanotubes as Transparent Conductive Electrodes
Dooley, Katherine2011Reitz, DavidDesign and Performance of High Laser Power Interferometers for Gravitational-wave Detection
Douglas, Andrew2009Muttalib, KhandkerElectron Transport near the Anderson Transition
Doverspike, Lynn1966Bailey, ThomasEnergetic and angular studies on N2D and ArD formation
Drozdetskiy, Alexey2007Mitselmakher, GuenkahKorytov, AndreyStandard Model Higgs Boson Discovery Potential in the Decay Channel H -> ZZ(*) -> 4 mu with the CMS Detector
Du, Maohua2003Cheng, Hai-PingTheoretical Modeling and Design of Complex Materials
Du, Xu2004Hebard, ArthurMagnetotransport and Tunneling Study of the Semimetals Bismuth and Graphite
Duensing, George1994Raymond, AndrewSignal-to-Noise Ratio Improvement in NMR via Reciever Hardware Optimization
Duffy, Leanne2006Sikivie, PierreHigh Resolution Search for Dark Matter Axions in Milky Way Halo Substructure
Dulock, Victor1964Broyles, ArthurThomas, B.A Study of Accidental Degeneracy in Hamiltonian Mechanics
Dunn, Tucson1966Broyles, ArthurAn Approximation to the Electron Gas Slater Sum in the Form of a Boltzman Factor Involving Pair-Potentials
Dunnill, William1965Flowers, JohnIon beam-plasma interactions
Dutcher, Clinton1968Scott, ThomasPressure Dependence of the Fermi Surface of Metals
Dutta, Sandipan2013Dufty, JimClassical Representation of Quantum Systems at Equilibrium
Ebersole, John1974Ballard, StanleyAn Investigation of the Linear Electro-Optic Effect of Epitaxial Zinc Sulfide Films for Integrated Optics
Efimov, Anatoly2000Reitze, DavidAdaptive Control of Lasers and their Interactions with Matter Using Femtosecond Pulse Shaping
Eichholz, Johannes2015 FallMueller, GuidoDigital Heterodyne Laser Frequency Stabilization for Space-Based Gravitational Wave Detectors and Measuring Coating Brownian Noise at Cryogenic Temperatures
Elmslie,Timothy2022 SummerHamlin,James Tuning Metallic Ferromagnets via Pressure and Substitution
Endal, Andrew1974Chen, Kwan-YuThe Advanced Evolution of a 15 Solar Mass Star
Engel, Bradley1988Ihas, GaryUltrasound and nuclear magnetism in bulk and confined liquid helium-3
Eoff, Kay1964Flowers, JohnTownsend's First Ionization Coefficient in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields
Escobar, Jesus2011Ramond, PierreSUSY SU(5) Model with Flavor Group Delta(54)
Evans, Morgan1994Sullivan, NeilOrientational and Translational Properties of Hydrogen Films Adsorbed onto Boron Nitride
Fallon, Fredrick1975Sofia, SabatinoWurmb, HeinrichStellar Motions in the Orion Nebula Cluster
Feng, Quinn1991Micha, DavidA Time-Dependent Molecular Orbital Approach to Ion- Solid Surface Collisions
Fisher, Matt2014 SpringFuric, IvanSearch for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Decaying to a Bottom Quark Pair with the CMS Detector
Fleck, Robert1977Hunter, JamesMagnetic Braking during Star Formation
Flesch, Terry1975Wood, FrankFlare-Related Color Effects in UV Ceti Stars
Folsom, George1970Smith, AlexOptical Variations of Quasars and Related Galaxies
Furman, Dennis1973Prasad, SheoA Study of Some Current Problems in Terrestrial Ionospheric Behavior
Gangadharaiah, Suhas2005Maslov, DmitriiInteracting Fermions in Two Dimensions: Effective Mass, Specific Heat, and Singularities in Perturbation Theory
Gao, Feng1992Tanner, DavidTemperature Dependence of Infrared and Optical Properties of High Temperature Superconductors
Garland, Gregory1984Dufty, JimFirst Density Correction to the Transport Coefficients for a Square Well Gas: Temperature Dependence and Bound State Effects
Garrett, Andrew1998Nagler, StevenLow dimensional magnetic exchange in vanadyl pyrosphosphate and vanadyl hydrogen phospate hemihydrate
Gartner, Joseph2011Acosta, DarinThe Study of the Z Boson Transverse Momentum Spectrum Recorded by the Compact Muon Solenoid From 2010 Large Hadron Collider Data
Gay, Jackson1963Lowdin, Per-OlavLower Bounds to the Eigenvalues of Hamiltonians by Intermediate Problems
Genio, Edgar1997Sullivan, NeilLow Temperature Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Studies of Antimony and Application of Thermometry
Getty, Stephanie2001Hebard, ArthurElectron transport studies of the ferromagnetic semiconductor calcium hexaboride
Ghoreishi, Delaram2019 FallRoitberg, AdrianImplementation of Methods to Accurately Predict Transition Pathways and the Underlying Potential Energy Surface of Biomolecular Systems
Ghosh, Siddartha2012Hebard, ArthurExperimental Studies on Magnetic Nano Structures and Anti-Ferromagnetic Thin Films
Goetz, Ryan2017 FallTanner, DavidA Low Loss Faraday Isolator for Squeezing Injection in Advanced LIGO
Gonzalez, Miguel2012Lee, YoonseokDevelopment and Application of MEMS Devices for the Study of Liquid He-3
Gordon, David1979Gottesman, StephenA Neutral Hydrogen Survey of Blue Compact Galaxies
Goswami, Debajit2011Dorsey, AlanRole of Defects in the Supersolid Phenomena
Goyal,Adamya2022 FallMaslov, DmitriiElectron-Hole Interactions in Materials with and without a Fermi Surface
Grange, Joe2013Ray, HeatherFirst Measurement of the Muon Anti-Neutrino Charged Current Quasielastic Double-Differential Cross Section
Granroth, Garrett1998Meisel, MarkExperimental Studies of Integer Spin Antiferromagnetic Chains
Grant, Daniel2015 SpringBiswas, AmlanEffect of Electric Field and Strain on the Magnetic Properties of Phase Separated Manganites
Grant, Mark1994Seiberling, ElizabethHeteroepitaxial Dimer Structures on the Silicon(100)Surface
Griggs, David1977Weller, HenryAlpha Particle States in Light Nuclei
Group, Robert2006Field, RickMatchev, KonstantinMeasurement of the Inclusive Jet Cross Section Using the Midpoint Algorithm in Run II at the Collidor Detector at Fermilab (CDF)
Gu, Jie2019 FallZhang, XiaoguangFunctionalizing molecule-based quantum magnets
Gudmundsson, Skuli2006Thorn, CharlesStudies of Lightcone World Sheet Dynamics in Perturbation Theory and with Monte Carlo Simulations
Guerrero,Daniel2021 FallKonigsberg,JacoboAcosta,DarinSearch for Non-Resonant Higgs Boson Pair Production in the Four Bottom Quark Decay Channel with the CMS Experiment
Gulkis, Samuel1965Carr, ThomasA theoretical model for the emission of the decametric radiation from Jupiter
Gunderson, Mark2001Hooper, CharlesDufty, JamesStrong collisions in the electron broadening of spectral lines from charged radiators in hot, dense plasmas
Haas, Richard2001Field, RickThe underlying event in hard scattering collisions of proton and antiproton at 1.8 TEV
Hackney, Karen1973Smith, AlexThree-Color Photographic Photometry of Active Quasi-Stellar Radio Sources
Hackney, Richard1972Smith, AlexOptical Behavior of Peculiar Extragalactic Radio Sources
Hagmann, Christian1990Sullivan, NeilTanner, DavidA Search for Cosmic Ions
Haigh, Paul1961Ballard, StanleyScott, ThomasNuclear Resonance in Liquid and Solid Nitrogen
Hall, Benjamin2011Sabin, JackNuclear Wave Packet Dynamics on Folded Potential Surfaces
Halpern, Todd1968Green, AlexChern, BernardA Consistent Field-Theoretic Perturbative Calculation to Z of Corrections to the Fermi Function
Hamdan, Rashid2014 SpringCheng, Hai-PingNumerical Study of The Mechanical Loss in Amorphous Oxides
Han, Yaqi2021 SummerSikivie, PierreQuantum Properties of the Axion Dark Matter Fluid and Their Implications for Observation
Haq , Omer2022 FallShabanov, SergeiResonances and Mixed-Polarized Bound States in the Continuum in Elastic Array Structures
Hare, Brian2016 FallMatcheva, KatiaRelationship of Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes and Cosmic Ray Air Showers to Natural and Triggered Lightning
Harkless, Curtis1990Nagler, StevenAn X-ray scattering study of ordering in block copolymers
Hartman, Michael2015 FallMueller, GuidoMeasurement of Thermal Noise in Dielectric Mirrors and Parallel Phase Modulation for Gravitational-wave Detectors
Harvel, Christopher1974Wood, FrankRadiative Transfer in Circumstellar Dust
Hasan, MD2012Obukhov, SergeiDynamics of a Gaussian chain in Gas phase and in confined geometry
Haskins, Penelope1984Dunnam, EugeneNuclear Spectroscopy Studies of SR
Hattox, Thomas1972Slater, JohnConklin, JamesA Calculation of the Magnetization and Total Energy of Vanadium as a Function of Lattice Parameter
Haynes, Donald1997Hooper, CharlesAnalysis of hot dense plasmas and consideration of Stark broadening theory applied to transitions involving continuum radiator wave functions
Hearin, Patrick2011Ramond, PierreLight-Cone Super Space BPS Equations and OSp (2,2|16)
Heberlein, David1969Adams, DwightThermal Expansion and Isothermal Compressibility of Solid Nitrogen and Methane
Hembree, Robert2014 FallCheng, Hai-PingMicha, DavidPhotoconductivity at Nanostructured Semiconductor Surfaces: A Density Matrix Approach
Henderson, Thomas2004Bartlett, RodneyShort-Range Correlation in Molecular Physics: The Basis Set Problem and the Correlation Hole
Herrero, Federico1968Bailey, ThomasDifferential Elastic Ion-Atom Scattering at Low Energies
Heston, Nathan2009Tanner, DavidConjugated Polymers in Bulk Heterojunction Photovoltaic Devices
Hettler, Matthias1996Hirschfeld, PeterImpurities in Metals and Superconductors
Hill, Andrew2011Fry, JamesEffects of Helium Recombination in the Early Universe
Hochstim, Adolf1967Green, AlexElectric Conductivity of Weakly Ionized Gases
Hollis, Harold2021 SpringMueller, GuidoData Analysis, Mirror Coating Design, and Custom Electronics for the Any Light Particle Search Experiment
Hong, Deog1988Ramond, PierreA Geometrical Approach in String Field Theory
Hopkins, Chad2017 SpringRoitberg, AdrianOptimization of Computational Chemistry Techniques
Hoskins, Jeff2014 SpringTanner, DavidA Modulation Sensitive Search for Non-Virialized Axions
Hou, Jie2017 FallRinzler, AndrewGate Modulated Carbon Nanotube Silicon Schottky Junction Devices
Hu, Xinzhe2022 SpringTakano, YasumasaThermodynamics, Magnetism, and Phase Transitions of the Frustrated Pyrochlore Ferromagnet Yb2Ti2O7 and the Field-Induced Kitaev Spin Liquid Alpha RuCl3
Huang, Ming1988Dunnam, Eugene
Hudspeth, Heather2000Sharifi, FredElectron Tunneling Measurements on Ferromagnetically Doped Lanthanum Manganite Films
Hudspeth, Quentin2001Hebard, ArthurCharacterization of two carbon-sixty systems: electron-doped carbon-sixty monolayers on thin-film metal underlayers, and composite films of carbon-sixty nickel
Hugon, Justin2015 SummerAcosta, DarinA Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Decaying to Muons in LHC Data with the CMS Experiment
Hussey, Thomas1974Hooper, CharlesA Kinetic Theory of Spectral Line Broadening in Plasmas
Hwang, James1977Scott, ThomasPressure Dependence of the Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Constant and the Knight Shift of Single Crystal Gallium
Hwang, Jungseek2001Tanner, DavidElectrochemical spectroscopy of conjugated polymers
Iglesias, Carlos1981Hooper, CharlesThe calculation of electric microfield distributions
Imran,Muhammad2020 SpringHershfield,Selman PhilipTheory of Magnetotransport in the Dirac and Weyl Semimetals
Ioup, George1968Bailey, ThomasThomas, B.Analysis of Low Energy Atomic and Molecular Collisions: Semiclassical Elastic Scattering Calculations and Deconvolution of Data
Irges, Nikolaos1999Ramond, PierreAnomalous U(1) gauge symmetry in superstring inspired low energy effective theories
Ishkov, Ivan2021 SummerHagen, StephenEnvironmental Triggers of lrgA Expression in Streptococcus mutans and Competence Regulation in Biofilm [italics for lrgA and Streptococcus mutans]
Ishol, Lyle1976Scott, ThomasNuclear Magnetic Resonance of 14N in Single Crystal Glycine and of 15N in Liquid and solid N2
Jackman, Charles1978Green, AlexSpatial and Energetic Aspects of Electron Energy Deposition
Jackson, Daniel2018 SummerHamlin, JamesProbing Phase Transitions Using High Pressure and High Magnetic Field
Jaen, Jang1966Broyles, ArthurThe WKB Approximation for the Quantum Radial Distribution Function
Jahin, Ammar2023 FallWang, YuxuanTopological Superconductors and Applications in Quantum Computations
Jaszczak, Ronald1968Swanson, D.Dunnam, EugeneA Study of the Radiative Capture of 4He by 12C Below 4 MeV
Jeen, Hyoung2011Biswas, AmlanMagnetoelectric Effects in Manganites
Ji, Yu2012Sullivan, NeilNMR Studies of Quantum Gases Confined in Mesoporous Materials
Jiang,Wenguang2022 SummerLee,YoonseokSuperfluid 3He-B Surface States in a Confined Geometry Probed by a Microelectromechanical Oscillator
Jin,Haoming2020 SpringHebard,Arthur Comparative Studies of the Electrical Properties of Heterostructures Containing Topological Insulators or Strontium Titanate
Jindariani, Sergo2007Korytov, AndreyFragmentation of Jets Produced in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at a Center-of-Mass Energy 1.96 TeV
Johnson, Douglas1980Gottesman, StephenA Study of the Interstellar Medium in NGC 185 and other Early-Type Galaxies
Jones, June1953Williamson, R.Gordon, M.A Variational Procedure for Improving the Born Approximation as Applied to the Scattering of Electrons by Hydrogen Atoms
Jones, Mark1953Flowers, JohnBiophysical Aspects of Plant Tissue Cultures
Jones, Michael1997Fry, JamesLarge-Scale Structure of the Universe: Simulation and Statistics
Joshi, Bhargav2021 SummerMitselmakher,GuenakhKorytov,AndreyA Search for $\tau$ Lepton Decays to Three Muons
Joyce, Robert1986Hooper, CharlesAsymmetries in plasma line broadening
Junkel, Gwyneth2000Hooper, CharlesSecond-order, full Coloumb electron broadening calculations for multi-electron radiators in hot, dense plasmas: a focus on dense plasma line shifts
Kahya, Emre2008Woodard, RichardQuantum Gravitational Correction to Scalar Field Equations during Inflation
Kanev, Youli1998Field, RickApplication of Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms in High Energy Physics
Kar, Deepak2008Field, RickUsing Drell-Yan to Probe the Underlying Event in Run II at Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF)
Katuwal, Sanjib2023 SummerWoodard, RichardQuantum Gravitational Corrections to Electromagnetism and Backreaction
Kemper, Lex2010Cheng, Hai-PingComputational studies of strongly correlated electronic systems
Kendall, Harry1961Flowers, JohnA Study of the Time Lag of Gas Breakdown in Reversed Electric Fields
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