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If you are currently applying to graduate programs in Physics, Astronomy, or related fields, please complete the (optional) Graduate Admissions Survey. More information regarding this survey can be found here.

This survey aims to help UF students applying to Ph.D. programs in the physical sciences. We hope to collect GRE scores and related academic data on our current graduating students, including the names of the graduate schools they are applying to, and then follow up to find out where they have been admitted. If we are able to gather this application and admission data for a number of students over a few years, we will be able to share it – in anonymized fashion – with future UF physics students.  This information will help them improve their graduate applications and target them toward the most appropriate Ph.D. programs, getting better results for less time and money.

Physics Undergraduate Exit Interview Survey

Walk-in tutoring for introductory Physics level courses is available through the AT Teaching Center located in SW Broward Hall.

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How to apply to graduate school

GRE Prep Sessions

GRE prep sessions are being held on Thursdays at 5:30 pm in NPB 2165 and will run until April 12. For more information, please contact Zane Moreland at spsofficers@phys.ufl.edu or zanemoreland@ufl.edu.

American Institute of Physics on “Latest employment data” and “Who’s hiring physics bachelors

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