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Reserve a time

The Lightboard calendar has now been made available to end users to edit and add reservation times yourself. This is an experimental option to see how well users can make their own reservations without the calendar becoming a problem to manage.

How to reserve a time on the Lightboard:

  • Review times available on the Lightboard schedule calendar below.
  • Click on calendar at the starting time you would like to reserve.
  • In the settings window that pops up, enter your name and course number in the space for event title.
  • Adjust the reservation times for the starting and ending times you want to reserve but BE SURE to leave a 15-minute space between the start of your reservation and any previous reservations before you. This 15-minute space is to prevent a new user from walking in on a previous user as they are finishing a recording and to allow the previous user to pack up and clear out of the room.
  • If you would like your reservation to repeat for several days or longer then click the “Repeats” button and a new set of options will appear to allow you to select how often it will repeat and until what date.
  • After selecting all your settings press “Save”.
  • If you make a mistake and need to delete a reservation you just made you have a few minutes to adjust or delete a new reservation, however after a short time you will no longer be able to make changes and will need to contact me to make further adjustments.
  • If you are not using a time you have previously reserved, please let me know so I can delete it and make it available to other users.

Video showing the reservation process:


Lightboard Contact

John Mocko 352.392.0488

Lightboard Access

If you are a frequent user of the Lightboard and need access to the room:

1) You must be trained in using the Lightboard and be approved for getting the access code to the door by John Mocko.

2) Physics faculty may already have a key to the room if you have an 002 or 017 teaching key (but you still need to be trained).

Lightboard Design and Setup