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Biological Physics

Biological systems present a wealth of interesting physics puzzles. The study of biological physics has always been highly interdisciplinary, extending across the interface of physics, biology, and chemistry. In recent years biological physics has expanded to overlap newer fields such as bioinformatics, physical biology and systems biology. Biological physics research at the University of Florida is being conducted in laboratories in many departments. Faculty with Physics Department affiliations include:

Prof. Purushottam Dixit (Dept. of Physics)
Prof. Juan Guan (Dept. of Physics)
Prof. Stephen Hagen (Dept. of Physics)
Prof. Thomas Mareci (Dept. of Physics and Dept. of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry)
Prof. Mark Meisel (Dept. of Physics)
Prof. Adrian Roitberg (Dept. of Chemistry and Dept. of Physics)
Prof. BingKan Xue (Dept. of Physics)

Biological systems
Surface spreading behavior of the bacterium Sinorhizobium meliloti: As observed (left), and as simulated in entropic motility models with (center) or without (right) bacterial swimming. From Dilanji et al. (2014).