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The University of Florida is one of the nation’s leading research and teaching universities. Within UF, the Department of Physics forms a vibrant community of some 300 people, including 50 faculty, 130 graduate students, and associated scientists, postdoctoral associates, and support staff. For inquiring potential undergraduate and graduate students, we invite you to contact us and visit our Department to see what we have to offer.

Undergraduate Program

Although the University of Florida has over 50,000 students, the average class size for physics majors is around 30 students. The teachers are able to give the kind of personalized instruction that you would normally associate with a much smaller school. There is an undergraduate lounge where physics majors can go between classes and a special computer room which is only accessible to physics majors and graduate students. Many students socialize in the student run Society of Physics Students, which sponsors parties, field trips, movies, demonstration shows, and other fun activities. More >

  • Undergraduate Coordinator: Selman Hershfield, selman@ufl.edu
  • Undergraduate Academic Assistant: Kathy Nelson, kanelson@ufl.edu


Graduate Program

Graduate students in Physics work alongside more than fifty full-time faculty members in a myriad of research areas. Graduate students, their success, and their welfare are valued as a top priority. More >

  • Graduate Coordinator: Yoonseok Lee, ysl@ufl.edu
  • Graduate Recruiter: Jacobo Konigsberg, konigsb@ufl.edu
  • Graduate Academic Assistant: Pam Marlin, pmarlin@ufl.edu