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Room Schedules

RoomNameSizeCeiling ProjectorResourcesCalendar Admins
(*primary contact)
2011Small Conference Room10NoLarge monitor with connected computer, Whiteboard
Lacey Rhea, Madel Sotomayor
2165IFT Conference Room40YesLarge monitor with connected computer,
Projector with no connected computer, Chalkboards
Mary Remer, Lacey Rhea, Madel Sotomayor
2205Main Conference Room70YesDual projectors, Computer, Chalkboards, Full Kitchen
Lacey Rhea, Madel Sotomayor
2260CME Conference Room10YesProjector with no connected computer,
Lacey Rhea
OtherLobby and other miscellaneous spaceN/ANoNoneLacey Rhea, Madel Sotomayor