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Physics Classroom Technology

Auditorium and Classroom Computer Control System Walk Through

The two auditoriums, 1001 NPB and 1002 NPB, are very similar in their control system operation. The following is a short video explaining the system and even if you used the new system before there have been some changes since last spring so you should watch the video as well.

Auditorium Walk Through


The small classrooms, 1011 NPB, 1101 NPB, 1200 NPB, 1216, NPB and 1220 NPB, have a completely new control setup that is somewhat similar system to the auditoriums but there are some significant differences, especially with regards to the microphones.

Discussion Room System Walk Through (small classrooms)


All Physics classrooms have the following equipment installed in them

  1. Windows Computer -Zoom Installed
  2. Projector/Display
  3. High Quality Auto-Tracking camera – Zoom Capable
  4. Document Camera -Zoom Capable
  5. HD wide angle webcam -Zoom Capable
  6. Wireless Clip-on Microphone -Zoom Capable
  7. Standalone DVD Player
  8. Annotation capable display – Zoom Capable
  9. Room speakers
  10. Laptop connections
  11. Dual monitors

Additionally, for faculty teaching in large lecture halls, AT is able to provide instructors their own over the ear microphone if you want one….  Please contact  (classrooms@ufl.edu ).

The microphone is the Pyle Pro PMEMS10 Over one ear headset microphone.


You can look up full individual classroom information here: