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Applied Physics Specializations

Starting in Summer 2020 the Physics BS degree will have three applied physics specializations.  These specializations, described below, require the completion of all the Physics BS degree requirements with a specific choice for the Physics Elective, and in addition three courses in other departments.

Nationwide only about 30% of physics majors go on to graduate school in physics or astronomy.  Twenty percent go to graduate school in another discipline, and 50% enter the workforce directly after graduation.  The Applied Physics Specializations are designed to help prepare students for graduate programs other than physics and astronomy and for entering the workforce directly after graduation.

Medical Physics Specialization

Medical Physics is a certified graduate program for the use of different forms of radiation in medical diagnosis and treatment.  UF has a strong Medical Physics Graduate program in the College of Medicine.  In 2019 two of our physics majors joined the UF Medical Physics graduate program.

  • Physics elective: PHZ 4710 – Introduction to Biological Physics (3 credits)
  • APK 2100C – Applied Human Anatomy with Lab (4 credits)
  • ENU 4612 – Nuclear Radiation Detection and Instrumentation (3 credits)
  • MAP 4413 – Fourier Analysis (3 credits)

Nanoscience Specialization

The research of many of our condensed matter physics faculty is very close to that done in materials science and engineering.  Indeed undergraduate researchers may have used common facilities like the Nanoscale Research Facility.  This specialization helps prepare students for careers in industry and graduate school in engineering.

  • Physics elective: PHZ 4404 Solid State Physics (3 credits)
  • EEE 3396C – Solid State Electronic Devices (4 credits)
  • EEE 4331 – Microelectonic Fabrication Technologies (3 credits) or
    EMA 4614 – Production of Electronic Materials (3 credits)
  • EEL 4222 – Resonant MEMS (3 credits) or EMA 4615 – Compound Semiconductors (3 credits) or
    EGN 3353C – Fluid Mechanics (4 credits) or EEL 4930 – Plasma Physics (3 credits)

Optics Specialization

Many of the physics faculty including several of our recent hires do research using optical spectroscopy.  Several UF members of LIGO team were recognized by the Optical Society of America as part of the 2016 Team Engineering Excellence Award.  There are graduate programs specifically in optics, and there are many companies using optics and photonics in Florida’s High Tech Corridor and elsewhere.

  • Physics elective: PHY 4424 – Optics (3 credits)
  • AST 3722C – Techniques of Observational Astronomy 1 (3 credits)
  • EEL 4446 – Laser Theory and Design (3 credits)
  • EEL 4458 – Fundamentals of Photonics (3 credits)