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Physics IDEA

IDEAThe Physics IDEA was formed in August 2020 with a mission to foster a safe, inclusive, equitable, and accessible atmosphere for everyone, especially those from marginalized groups, who participate in the department’s educational and research activities.

We invite everyone having an affiliation with the department (students, postdocs, staff, faculty members) to participate and/or serve as leaders in the Alliance. Please complete the form linked beneath the Physics IDEA logo on this page to indicate your interest in being involved.

We are committed to monitoring the departmental climate, raising awareness and appreciation of differences, and providing a platform where issues are addressed. As part of this effort, we have provided a link to various resources under the “Join the Alliance!” button on the right-hand side of this page. We seek to build a culture where all persons recognize the benefits they bring to the department and understand how they can contribute to its success.

Why Physics IDEA?

We recognize that not all individuals are afforded equal access to resources, support, and opportunities. We acknowledge that many groups face systematic barriers to this access. Such patterns perpetuate harmful inequity and hinder scientific progress. IDEA was established in recognition that combatting these challenges requires ongoing effort by all members of the community. We commit to facilitating this process in the Department of Physics.

Physics IDEA stands in solidarity and allyship with all people. We are committed to working toward equity and justice as representatives of the entire UF Physics community. We strive to provide a safe and a brave space via Physics IDEA for any UF Physics community member (defined broadly). You are encouraged to explore our website to learn more about Physics IDEA and to join our alliance. You are also encouraged to share ideas and concerns with us at idea@phys.ufl.edu.