Office: 2174 NPB

James Ipser

Professor Emeritus


PhD California Institute of Technology (1968)

Research Group

Theoretical Physics

Research Interest

Research interests include relativistic astrophysics and gravitational physics; applications of general relativity to the study of astrophysical problems; rapidly rotating stellar models; oscillations and stability of astrophysical systems; sources of gravitational radiation; cosmology; accident reconstruction and accident biomechanics.

Selected Publications

Ipser JR and Lindblom L. "The R-Modes of the Maclaurin Spheroids,'' Physical Review D, 59, 044009-1 (1999).

Ipser JR, Lindblom L and Mendell G. "Relativistic Stellar Pulsations with Near-Zone Boundary Conditions'' Physical Review D, 56, 2118 (1997).

Ipser JR. "Relativistic Accretion Disks: Low-Frequency Modes and Frame Dragging'', Astrophysical Journal, 458, 508 (1996).

Ipser JR and Friedman J. "Rapidly Rotating Relativistic Stars'', Classical General Relativity, Oxford University Press, ed. S. Chandrasekhar (1993).

Ipser JR and Sikivie P. "Phase-Space Structure of Cold Dark Mattter Halos'' Physics letters B, 291, 288 (1992).