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Charles Thorn

Charles ThornProfessor Emeritus

PhD University of California, Berkeley (1971)

Research Group

High Energy Theory/Institute for Fundamental Theory

Research Interests

Dr. Thorn’s general research area is the theory of elementary particles. His primary focus is on strong interactions and efforts to understand the fundamental forces (EM, weak, strong, gravity) within a single unified theory. He has devoted most of his energy to develop string theory as a unifying concept and QCD, the gauge theory of strong interactions.

Selected Publications

Goddard P and Thorn CB. “Compatibility of the Dual Pomeron with Unitarity and the Absence of Ghosts in Dual Resonance Models”, Phys. Letters, 40B, 235-238 (1972).

Goddard P, Goldstone J, Rebbi C, and Thorn CB. “Quantum Dynamics of a Massless Relativistic String”, Nuclear Physics B56, 109-135 (1973).

Chodos A, Jaffe RL, Johnson K, Thorn CB and V. F. Weisskopf. “A New Extended Model of the Hadron,” Phys. Rev., 3471-3495 (1974).

Thorn CB. “On the Derivation of Dual Models from Field Theory II”, Phys. Rev. D17, 1073-1084 (1978).

Curtright TL and Thorn CB. “Conformally Invariant Quantization of the Liouville Theory,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 48, 1309-1312 (1982).

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