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Andrew Rinzler and Bill Malphurs

Machine Shop building device to protect health workers

by Andrew Doerfler via CLAS

Photo: Professor Andrew Rinzler and Machine Shop supervisor, Bill Malphurs

While many spots on campus sit empty, the Department of Physics’ Machine Shop is up and running to aid in an important effort to protect health care workers.

Working with collaborators from across the campus, the Machine Shop is building a prototype for a device that would decontaminate the atmosphere around COVID-19 patients during procedures that pose a heightened risk to health providers.

For example, when a patient’s breathing tube is removed, the patient tends to cough and spread the virus around the room. To prevent this, the decontamination unit would pump the atmosphere from a transparent box around the patient’s head through a zone that deactivates the virus, before sending the air back into the environment.

“By using an enclosure or tent around the patient and pumping that locally contained atmosphere through the decontamination unit, we hope to reduce the atmospheric viral load to which health care workers are exposed, reducing the risk that the attending staff become infected,” said ANDREW G. RINZLER, physics professor and the chair of the department’s Technical Operations Committee.

Rinzler, Machine Shop supervisor BILL MALPHURS, and Machine Shop staff JOSH LINSCOTT and JOHN VANLEER are collaborating with a team … Read More via CLAS News.





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